Since Saturday, at 22 days in, the federal government shutdown over a border wall becomes the longest in U.S. history.

And as President Donald Trump controlled the media narrative today with a prime-time speech from the Oval Workplace, a trip to the border, and nearly a lots gaggles with press reporters, he stated plenty that’s not making it through this checkpoint without close factual assessment.

Invite to Truth Examine Friday.

Who’s going to spend for the wall?

So far, the answer to who will spend for Trump’s wall is: taxpayers and perhaps victims of natural catastrophes if the president states a national emergency situation.

At the very same time this week, he provided a jaw-dropping caveat to his signature campaign promise that Mexico would spend for the wall, saying, “I never ever meant they are going to compose out a check.”

( MORE: Trump claims he ‘never said’ Mexico would pay for wall with a check)

a microphone that Mexico would pay), his project website consisted of a declaration calling for a one-time payment from Mexico … basically requiring Mexico cut a check. The strategy threatened to utilize U.S. banks to cut off billions in remittance payments to Mexico unless Mexico handed over$ 5-10 billion for the wall.” When– during the campaign, I would say,” Mexico is going to

spend for it,” undoubtedly, I never said this and I never ever meant they’re going to draw up a check. I stated, “They’re going to pay for it. “They are,” Trump stated on Thursday. He when again incorrectly declared Mexico will pay

for the wall” indirectly “through his newly modified trade offer with Mexico, called the USMCA. That agreement has yet to be authorized by Congress. Wall is like a wheel Trump’s argument for the wall is

that drugs and criminals are

pouring into the United States through the southern border. Without the wall, he says, this can’t be stopped. For the skeptics, and the layperson, he explained it in this manner Thursday while going to the border in McAllen, Texas:” The wheel is older than the wall. You understand that? And there are some things that work. You understand what? The wheel works and a wall works. Nothing like a wall. “” They say a wall is medieval– well, so is a wheel,” Pres. Trump says at meeting

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