On Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “All In,” Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) stated members of Congress have a “responsibility” to impeach presidents who devote high crimes and misdemeanors, and some members are “derelict in their duty.” She recommended that one possible reason for the hesitation to impeach President Trump is because some might “think that Trump will trigger a revolt.”

Waters said,” [A] ll of the descriptions of what would occur if we move to impeach Trump are generally reasons. Excuses, because, you understand, perhaps they don’t want to stop working at it, possibly they think that Trump will cause a revolt. You know, you discuss violence, and they accuse others of violence. This president basically said, if you move to impeach me, my individuals are going to revolt, and perhaps some of that is resonating with the senators, the members of Congress, Republican Politician or Democrat. However they are derelict in their responsibility. The Constitution gives us the responsibility to impeach a president and others in government if, in fact, they are guilty of high criminal activities and misdemeanors, which we specify.”

Waters also drifted the possibility that “Democrats fear that in some way, if we move to impeach him, perhaps his base will grow larger. I don’t believe so.”

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