WASHINGTON (AP)– President Donald Trump suggested Wednesday that trade talks with China can wait up until stress in Hong Kong have relieved, tweeting: “Of course China wants to make an offer. Let them work humanely with Hong Kong first!”

Trump likewise applauded Chinese President Xi Jinping, calling him a “terrific leader” and saying he could rapidly resolve the discontent in Hong Kong if he wished to. “I have ABSOLUTELY NO doubt that if President Xi desires to rapidly and humanely solve the Hong Kong problem, he can do it. Individual meeting?” Trump tweeted.

Trump has previously said little about the demonstrations in the semi-autonomous Chinese city, except to make it clear he thinks that Hong Kong and China require to “handle that themselves.” He has actually advised the two sides to work out caution and voiced hopes that the scenario will be resolved quietly.

His more extensive remarks Wednesday came as U.S. stock exchange toppled, in part because of unpredictability over Trump’s trade standoff with Beijing. Financiers have actually also been rattled about the widespread demonstrations in Hong Kong. Flights resumed at Hong Kong’s airport after 2 days of disruptions that came down into clashes with police.

While Trump has been reticent to take sides, some Republican and Democratic members of Congress have voiced their support for the protesters. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, for example, issued a declaration last week saying that “dreams of freedom, justice and democracy can never ever be snuffed out by oppression and intimidation.”

The presentations protest what many Hong Kong locals view as an increasing erosion of the liberties they were promised in 1997 when Communist Party-ruled mainland China took control of what had actually been a British colony.

Trump stated he knows Xi well and called him a “great leader who really much has the respect of his individuals.”

Trump also voiced optimism about the off-again, on-again trade negotiations with China. Administration authorities openly and privately have voiced beliefs that a trade deal is still a ways off even as the president voices aggravation about the absence of development. Dissatisfied with the pace of settlements, Trump announced two weeks ago that the U.S. would apply 10%tariffs on about $300 billion in Chinese imports, beginning Sept. 1. But the administration moved Tuesday to delay the tariffs on a wide variety of Chinese-made items, consisting of mobile phones, notebook computer, some toys, computer displays, shoes and clothing. And it’s removing other products from the list based “on health, safety, national security and other elements.”

Trump tweeted that delaying the tariffs would assist China more than the U.S. “The American consumer is great with or without the September date, but much great will come from the brief deferment to December.”

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