WASHINGTON (AP)– President Donald Trump announced Saturday he would soon sign an executive order requiring colleges and universities to support free speech if they want federal resources.

Trump is highlighting concerns from some conservatives that their voices were being censored, whether on social media or at the nation’s universities. He did not go into more detail about what the order would say, but his remarks immediately drew examination from those who kept in mind that public research study universities already have a constitutional commitment to secure free speech.

” An executive order is unnecessary as public research universities are already bound by the First Modification, which they deeply regard and honor,” said Peter McPherson, president of the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities. “It is core to their academic mission.”

Trump invited Hayden Williams to join him Saturday while he attended to activists going to the Conservative Political Action Conference. Williams was punched Feb. 19 while on the school of University of California, Berkeley. He was recruiting for the conservative group Talking Points U.S.A..

2 men approached and one punched him throughout a conflict caught on student cellular phones. University of California, Berkeley cops arrested a suspect, Zachary Greenberg, on Friday.

Williams, who had a shiner, told Fox News that the males objected to a sign that stated “Hate Criminal offense Hoaxes Hurt Real Victims.”

Neither Williams nor Greenberg are associated with UC Berkeley.

Trump informed the audience Saturday that Williams “took a difficult punch in the face for everybody.” On the other hand, Williams said many conservative trainees face “discrimination, harassment or even worse if they attempt speak out on campus.”

Trump provided no details about what the executive order might state about what has ended up being a thorny concern on college campuses.

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