President Donald Trump told Fox News on Thursday that he has “the outright right to declare a nationwide emergency situation” if he can’t reach an arrangement with congressional Democrats to provide funding for his guaranteed wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

” The law is extremely clear. I mean, we have the outright right to state a national emergency,” Trump told Sean Hannity in an unique interview. “This is a national emergency situation, if you look what’s taking place.”


Trump did not set out a particular timetable for when he might take such an action, stating: “I think we’re visiting what takes place over the next couple of days.” Nevertheless, he appeared to hold out hope for making a deal to secure wall financing and completely reopen the government.

” We need to be able to negotiate with Congress,” the president stated. “If you look, Democrats, in Congress, particularly the brand-new ones can be found in, are beginning to say, ‘Wait a minute, we can’t win this battle with Trump, because of the truth that it’s just good sense. How can we say that a wall does not work?'”

The president spoke with Fox News on the banks of the Rio Grande, where he took a trip to argue his claim that a barrier would discourage drug and human trafficking into the United States.TRUMP HIGHLIGHTS HUMAN BEING TRAFFICKING AS HE CALLS FOR ‘STRONG BARRIER’ DURING BORDER VISIT” Death is pouring through, “Trump stated.

” We have criminal offense and death and it’s not just at the border. They survive the border and they go and filter into the nation and you have MS-13 gangs in places like Los Angeles and you have gangs all over Long Island, which we’re knocking the hell out of. There should be no factor for us to need to do this. They shouldn’t be allowed and if we had the barrier, they would not be allowed in. “The president stated a wall would be” essentially a hundred percent reliable and [Home Speaker] Nancy [Pelosi] and [Senate Democratic Leader] Chuck [Schumer] know that, but it’s politics. It has to do with the 2020 project, it’s about running for president. That’s what they’re doing. They’re already doing it. It’s a pity. They have actually got to put the nation first.” CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP Democrats consistently have actually refused to authorize any legislation to money the wall. The standoff resulted in the partial

government shutdown, which is set to his the three-week mark Friday. “Everybody wants us to win this battle,” Trump said.” It prevails sense … Look, we’re not going anywhere

. We’re not altering our mind due to the fact that there’s nothing to change your mind about. The wall works [and] if we do not have a steel or concrete barrier, we’re all wasting a lot of time.”%%item_read_more_button %%.