President Donald Trump will welcome over a lots Americans to join him at the State of the Union address on Tuesday to highlight his priorities for the country.

The President and first lady’s visitor list features member of the family of an elderly couple killed by prohibited immigrants and the dad of a seaman eliminated in the U.S.S. Cole attack. Jamal al-Badawi, the terrorist leader of that attack, was eliminated in January by U.S. forces.
Others include Americans released from prison as a result of the Primary step Act, a lady recovering from opioid addiction, and a border enforcement authorities.

The president will also welcome Joshua Trump, a sixth-grade trainee from Wilmington, Delaware who has been bullied since of his surname.

The newly freed Alice Johnson will also go to the State of the Union speech after the president commuted her sentence in 2018 after her case was brought to the president’s attention by Kim Kardashian.

Joining them will be a member of the Tree of Life Synagogue who endured in 2015’s dreadful shooting in addition to a SWAT team member who endured multiple gunshot wounds in the attack.

” This year’s guests originate from all different walks of life, and each has a fish story to tell,” the White House wrote in a declaration. “No matter their background, each one has something essential in typical: They represent the absolute best of America.”

Check out the full White Home guest list released by the White House below:

Debra Bissell, Heather Armstrong, and Madison Armstrong

Gerald and Sharon David of Reno, Nevada, were unfortunately killed in their house in Nevada by an unlawful immigrant in January2019 The terrible loss has actually ravaged both their community and three generations of their family, who will be represented at the State of the Union: the Davids’ daughter Debra, granddaughter Heather, and great-granddaughter Madison.

Matthew Charles

Matthew Charles’s life is a story of redemption. In 1996, he was sentenced to 35 years in jail for selling fracture drug and other associated offenses. While in prison, Matthew found God, completed more than 30 bible studies, became a law clerk, taught GED classes, and mentored fellow prisoners. On January 3, 2019, Matthew was the very first detainee released as an outcome of the Primary step Act.

Grace Eline

Everybody who knows Grace would inform you that she has actually always been special. Wherever she goes, she lightens up the room with her kind heart and transmittable smile. At an early age, she chose that she wanted to pass up presents at her birthday parties, and rather request charity donations. At nine-years-old, Grace was detected with Germinoma, a germ-cell brain growth, and in May 2018, Grace started cancer treatment. Throughout the rest of the year, Grace remained favorable and strong, making the rounds in the hospital, comforting other clients, and constantly having a smile for the many caring doctor who treated her. Grace just recently completed chemotherapy and today reveals no proof of the illness. She is identified to help other kids who are fighting cancer.

Ashley Evans

Ashley Evans has had problem with opioid and substance abuse for much of her life. In 2017, she was pregnant and suffered a regression. Her healing began with the birth of her daughter in addition to the help of Brigid’s Course, a medical care facility in Kettering, Ohio. Ashley has actually persevered and gotten rid of many obstacles to keep her sobriety. She is enthusiastic about sharing her story of hope. On February 9, 2019, Ashley will celebrate one year and one month in recovery and on February 15, 2019, she will be reunited with her daughter full-time.

Elvin Hernandez

Elvin Hernandez is a Special Agent with the Trafficking in Individuals Unit of the Department of Homeland Security’s Security Examinations division. He has more than 18 years of Federal police experience investigating narcotics, gangs, and human trafficking. During his current seven-year task, Elvin has actually conducted many successful global human trafficking investigations including global organized criminal offense groups.

Roy James

Roy James is the Plant Manager of the Vicksburg Forest Products lumber center. He had worked at the sawmill for 26 years and become Vice President of Operations when he was informed that the center would close its doors. Fortunately, last year, Vicksburg was designated a Chance Zone through provisions in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The plant soon reopened and Roy was hired to oversee the entire center.

Timothy Matson

Timothy Matson signed up with the Pittsburgh Authorities Department in 2005 and made the SWAT team in2016 As an essential member of the SWAT group, he would breach the entrance throughout raids, an extremely harmful job. In October 2018, Tim reacted to the mass shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue. He suffered multiple gunshot injuries and conserved many lives because heinous, anti-Semitic attack.

Judah Samet

Judah Samet is a member of the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. In October 2018, he survived the dreadful shooting that eliminated 11 members of his community. Judah is likewise a survivor of the Holocaust. Judah immigrated to Israel after the war and existed for the declaration of the Israeli State in1948 He acted as a paratrooper and radio male in the Israeli Defense Forces and transferred to the United States in the 1960 s.

Joshua Trump

Joshua Trump is a 6th grade trainee in Wilmington, Delaware. He appreciates science, art, and history. He likewise enjoys animals and intends to pursue an associated career in the future. His hero and buddy is his Uncle Cody, who serves in the United States Flying Force. Regrettably, Joshua has been bullied in school due to his last name. He is grateful to the first girl and the Trump household for their support.

Tom Wibberley

Tom Wibberley is the daddy of Navy Seaman Craig Wibberley, a Seafarer killed on the U.S.S. Cole. Craig grew up in Williamsport, Maryland, and enjoyed fly fishing, snow skiing, and dealing with his father on old Corvettes. He had a passion for computer technology and decided to sign up with the Navy to serve his nation and pursue a chance to further his training in computer systems. Craig served aboard the U.S.S. Cole with distinction and was accepted to the Navy Info Specialist School. His leader planned to suggest him for Officer Candidate School. Nevertheless, on October 12, 2000, Craig and 16 fellow members of the team were eliminated in a terrorist attack. Craig was just19 After Craig’s death, a scholarship fund was created that provides 4 $1,000 scholarships each year to students studying computer system science.

Alice Johnson

President Trump approved Alice Johnson clemency on June 6,2018 Alice had actually been serving an obligatory life sentence without parole for charges associated with a nonviolent drug case. Throughout her almost 22 years of incarceration, Alice accomplished what has been called an “amazing rehab.” After her release, she was pleased to be reunited with her household. She has now dedicated her life to helping those who are in a comparable position as she was and offering a voice to the criminal justice reform movement.

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