During a statement on Saturday, President Trump proposed funding for humanitarian assistance and drug detection innovation, increases in Border Patrol representatives and migration judges, modifications to the asylum application process for minors, promo of family reunification, $ 5.7 billion in border wall funding, and securities for DACA recipients and Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders.

Trump said, “Our strategy includes the following: $800 million in urgent humanitarian assistance, $805 million for drug detection innovation to help protect our ports of entry, an additional 2,750 border representatives and police experts, 75 brand-new immigration judge groups … a new system to permit Central American minors to use for asylum in their home countries and reform to promote family reunification for unaccompanied children, countless whom wind up on our border doorstep. To physically secure our border, the strategy consists of $5.7 billion for a tactical deployment of physical barriers, or a wall. This is not a 2,000-mile concrete structure from sea to sea. These are steel barriers in high top priority places.”

He added that the plan consists of “3 years of legal relief” for DACA recipients, which will “provide access to work permits, Social Security numbers, and protection from deportation,” and 3 years of TPS extension.

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