It’s insufficient that members of the anti-Trump political correctness culture have actually attempted to specify what we believe, say and think. Now they want to dictate what we can use.

The most recent target of their fury rather literally has them seeing red– the Make America Great Again baseball cap created by the Donald Trump presidential campaign in 2016 and still for sale on the site of the Trump Make America Great Committee.

Washington Post style critic Robin Givhan wrote in a recent column that “to reject the hat’s message is to be in denial.”


Really, the message of the caps is actually pretty uncomplicated. The Make America Great Again motto was at the center of a whole presidential campaign, complete with TELEVISION advertisements, rallies and shirts.

Nevertheless, now the folks with a bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome think they get to redefine the significance of Make America Great Again because they do not like the man in the White House. They are fully prepared to intimidate, shame and bully anyone brazen enough wear the hat.

Givhan throws around the predictable trigger words we’ve pertained to get out of the left to explain what the hats truly signify– “hate,” “white male benefit” and “a mad roar.”

Nevertheless, now the folks with a bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome think they get to redefine the meaning of Make America Great Again since they do not like the person in the White House.

To use a MAGA hat is to cover oneself in a Confederate flag,” Givhan writes. Simply put, you’re a racist if you embrace the slogan Make America Great Again.

Givhan is not alone. When trainees from Covington High School in Kentucky were recently wrongly implicated of bugging Native American Nathan Phillips at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, the focus turned to the MAGA hat that student Nick Sandmann was using.

Sandmann was implicated by Trump haters of provoking and insulting African-Americans because he used the hat.

What makes the argument so entirely unreasonable is that the hat the critics are angry about was produced by supporters of a president whose policies have attained the most affordable joblessness rate in history for African-Americans and Latinos, and the most affordable in years for ladies.

A true racist does not want racial minorities living the American Dream and would have done whatever in his or her power to ensure that never ever taken place. President Trump commemorates how African-Americans, Latinos, ladies and all Americans are taking pleasure in more success than at any time in current memory.

The hat’s only fault is its flattened brim that looks like it was leveled– a cringe-worthy and regrettable fashion mishap for sure that could quickly be addressed by bending its brim. That makes the hat awkward, but it doesn’t make it racist or a “provocation” as Givhan and others have called it.

If you’re someone who is so quickly provoked by a hat on somebody else’s head, then there’s actually not much that won’t activate you.

Conservatives had “hope and modification” pushed down our throats advertisement nauseam for the 8 years President Obama beinged in the Oval Workplace. When it was all stated and done we were all hoping things would change– particularly all of the Obama policies that left us with less cash in our pockets, even more in financial obligation as a country, and not having the ability to keep the doctor we liked after all.

Oh, and race relations were far even worse when Obama remained in office.

We overlooked the Obama motto and set about our lives. Then in 2016 we, and millions of other Americans, decided we wanted a various kind of hope and modification.


Now the progressive PC police officers have actually launched a marketing campaign to inform freedom-loving Trump supporters what we “really” imply when we use that red hat with the regrettable brim. The not-so-tolerant left strikes again. It’s simply another method for them to silence what they don’t like.

They’re not simply attempting to rebrand a hat– they’re trying to redefine the individuals who use it. They only be successful if you let yourself be frightened, accept their stigma and hang up your hat.


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