President Donald Trump called Michael Cohen a “weak individual” Thursday after his former attorney entered a guilty plea for making false statements to Congress relating to strategies to develop a Trump Tower in Russia.

Cohen made a surprise look before a federal judge in New York Thursday early morning to plead guilty to lying to Congress about work he did on an aborted job to build a Trump Tower in Russia. ” When I’m running for president that does not suggest I’m not enabled to do business,” the president informed press reporters while departing the White House, adding that Cohen is a “weak individual and not an extremely wise individual.”

” He is a weak person … Michael Cohen is lying and he’s trying to get a minimized sentence for things that have absolutely nothing to do with me,” Donald Trump said.

Earlier today, Cohen pleaded guilty to lying to Congress about work he did on a project to build a Trump Tower in Russia

— POLITICO (@politico) November 29, 2018

Flanked by his legal representatives, Cohen confessed making incorrect declarations in 2017 to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence about the project.

Cohen informed the judge he lied about the timing of the settlements and other information to be constant with President Trump’s “political message.”

Cohen and prosecutors described President Trump as “private one” throughout Thursday’s proceedings and said he lied “to be devoted to Person One.”

To name a few lies, Cohen stated he told Congress that all conversations of the Moscow Trump Tower job ended by January 2016, when they had in fact continued till June of that year.

Among the prosecutors working with Unique Counsel Robert Mueller existed in the courtroom.

Cohen’s legal representative, Person Petrillo, said he would give the court a letter detailing how his customer has worked together with Mueller’s examination.

In August, Cohen pleaded guilty to other federal charges including his taxi businesses, bank scams and his campaign work for Trump.

The Associated Press added to this report.

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