President Donald Trump added his voice Thursday to the chorus of people upset about videos revealing New York policeman getting drenched with pails of water throughout a heat wave.

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“What happened in NYC with water being tossed on NYPD officers was an overall disgrace,” Trump tweeted. “What occurred was entirely undesirable, and will not be tolerated.”

He got in touch with Mayor Costs de Blasio to “act immediately,” though he didn’t say what action he thought the mayor needs to take.

Trump made his comments a day after police made a round of arrests in connection with the dousings, which involved police getting soaked after responding to unruly area water fights throughout a current wave of hot weather.

One video showed 2 officers overlooking people jubilantly tossing containers of water on them on a Brooklyn sidewalk, casually strolling away as their uniforms got soaked.

Another video revealed officers getting drenched by containers of thrown water while making an arrest in Harlem. One officer is hit in the head with a tossed container.

The authorities associated with both dousings appeared to shrug them off, either in a spirit of good humor or remarkable restraint.

City leaders have been trying, for several years, to enhance what has traditionally been a confrontational relationship between officers and young black and Hispanic individuals, in part by having officers behave more like members of the neighborhood and less like an occupying force.

However after videos began circulating on social media, three people were arrested on charges including disorderly conduct.

De Blasio, who is looking for the Democratic governmental nomination, openly condemned the dousings this week, saying people who hinder police that method could deal with charges.

Since then, other videos have actually started circulating revealing groups of laughing kids and teens in New york city wetting law enforcement officer with squirt guns or containers of water after officers got too near water battles.

Police union officials have actually been incensed, stating the events show a disrespect that is threatening public safety. The Cops Department provided a memo to officers, advising them not to tolerate such behavior.

The Legal Help Society, a group that supplies legal representation for individuals implicated of criminal activities, released a statement Thursday stating arrests in circumstances like this would be “out of proportion” and hypocritical.

“Young individuals are getting apprehended for sprinkling water on 100 degree days while officers who have actually killed and seriously injured people continue working, gather pensions, and barely get a slap on the wrist,” said Anne Oredeko, a supervising attorney in the society’s Racial Justice Unit.

The splashings happened numerous days after the U.S. Justice Department declined to bring criminal charges against a white New york city City cops officer implicated of killing an unarmed black man with a chokehold while apprehending him in 2014.

“Historically, black and Latinx neighborhoods have suffered the impact of cops abuse, harassment, and violence,” Oredeko stated. “The Department ought to concentrate on addressing those root issues prior to trying to criminalize having fun with water.”

Yet some black leaders who have actually previously campaigned aggressively for police reform have said there’s no excuse for how the crowds behaved.

In a letter published in The New york city Times, a group of 27 black political and corporate leaders in the city, composed that despite the fact that the death of Eric Garner “remains a deep and sticking around wound,” law enforcement officer should have respect for “putting their lives on the line.”

There was a comparable but less-noticed reaction in Atlanta in June after a group of young people who had gathered for a huge squirt gun battle arranged by anti-violence supporters turned their soakers on an officer who showed up to assist with crowd control.

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