The Trump administration continues to combat for $5 billion in border security and barrier funding from Congress during a federal government shutdown they are trying to make as “pain-free as possible.”

A senior administration authorities briefed reporters during a Saturday afternoon call that defined the goal of “$ 5B for border security and physical barriers” in the congressional spending bill.

The official informed Breitbart News they were “not here to articulate what the president will or not do” when asked if President Trump would ban an expense that did not include the $5 billion in border security and barrier financing.

” No one is not going to get paid for the work they have actually currently carried out,” the authorities explained. Any federal employee carrying out accepted activities will make money when a financing contract is reached. The overall variety of furloughed workers was “fluid,” according to the administration official. The official referenced prior shutdowns and a congressional practice of providing back spend for federal government workers both working and furloughed during shutdowns.

” We’re trying to make the shutdown as pain-free as possible,” the official stated. Echoing a message from President Donald Trump, the authorities stated the administration is trying to work with Senate Democrats to get border security moneyed in a bill to fund the federal government.

The partial government shutdown that started after midnight Friday only affects a part of government activities, as the bulk remains financed. All food security under the USDA continues under the shutdown and preparations for the 2020 census continue, as well as national weather service activities. Border security activities continue under the shutdown including detention activities and deal with any border barriers.The Transportations Security Administration( TSA)

is exempt from the shutdown, likely an item high in the minds of any Christmas season tourists. The U.S. Post Office will continue to deliver mail. Wildfires will still be battled and public real estate authorities will still make payments, consisting of activities under the Department of Housing and Urban Development( HUD). Parks and monoliths are to stay open throughout the partial government shutdown, but some daily activities

may be impacted, according to the senior administration authorities. Federal police and the Department of Justice will continue, and passport operations will continue through the shutdown. The

Smithsonian will stay open at least through the end of the month as they currently have the funds to do so, the main defined. As of Friday evening, the U.S. Senate adjourned till December 27, the Thursday after Christmas. Michelle Moons is a White Home Reporter for Breitbart

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