WASHINGTON, DC– A group of Iraqi Yazidis rallied outside the White Home over the weekend to prompt U.S. President Donald Tump’s administration to help them save the estimated 3,000 Yazidis who remain missing or in Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) captivity and to protect their homeland in Iraq.

Mentioning the current beheading of 50 Yazidi females at the hands of ISIS in the group’s last remaining fortress in Syria, the demonstrators likewise noted that they wish to bring awareness to the “continuous genocide” affecting the ethnoreligious Yazidi minority group in Iraq.

For anybody who is not familiar with what the Trump administration has actually done to assist the Yazidis, you would think the president has actually not done anything to help them based on the chants during the demonstration.

With Yazidis screaming– “Trump where are you?”– in the background during Friday’s presentation, nevertheless, Yousif Haskan, the director fo the Yazidi Cultural Center who helped arrange the rally, admitted to Breitbart News that the Trump administration has done more to help the minority group than its predecessor.

Former President Barack Obama cited the “barbaric” acts versus the Yazidis caught in Sinjar Mountain when validating the start of the U.S.-led war versus ISIS in Iraq back in August 2014, however the minority group continued to suffer, even forgotten at times.

Today, U.S. authorities from the Pentagon, U.S. Department of State (DOS), and U.S. Firm for International Advancement (USAID) told Breitbart News that the concerns raised by the demonstrators have not fallen on deaf ears throughout Trump’s tenure.

” We desire to communicate a message for people in America and this administration that genocide is still going on against Yazidis [or Yezidis], Christians, and other religious minorities. The genocide is not over. It’s not like you can drop bombs and that’s it. It’s going on. Today we have 300,000 displaced Yazidis still living in refugee camps for the last four-five years,” Haskan told Breitbart News.

” ISIS is near its end thanks to the U.S. and as a Yazidi, we are appreciative to the U.S. for killing and ruining ISIS,” he likewise stated, including, “ISIS was not simply a storm, it’s still here. People are suffering. We see thousands of females are still missing and not returning home which is actually touching us.”

He advised the Trump administration to magnify its efforts to end the “continuous genocide” against Yazidis.

Nevertheless, Trump authorities informed Breitbart News the U.S. armed force is actively working to keep them and other Iraqis safe while other officials continue to work on finding and rescuing the countless missing Yazidis.

” While we will never ever have the ability to genuinely replace what Yazidis and other victims of genocide have lost, the US Government can be pleased with what we have actually done, and will continue to do on behalf of the American people,’ an authorities from the United States Firm for International Development (USAID) told Breitbart News on condition of anonymity.

Haskan argued that U.S. assistance had actually not reached Yazidis on the ground.

Nevertheless, the USAID official provided Breitbart News with a list of almost 40 prepared, completed, and continuous tasks in the Yazidi homeland of Sinjar in Iraq, including efforts to help support “badly shocked victims of ISIS through … thorough medical, psychosocial, and legal services and income activities” in addition to “enhanced sanitation centers in health care centers” and other facilities tasks.

There is even a program to “distribute money support to susceptible homes to Planned address crucial humanitarian needs.”

Some Yazidi leaders praised Trump– who campaigned on assisting all “ethnic minorities targeted for mass execution” in the Middle East– for winning the presidency

Because Trump took workplace, USAID has actually awarded $300 million to assisting persecuted religious and ethnic minorities in Iraq who suffered genocide at the hands of ISIs, including Yazidis.

” I would state in terms of funding and you know awarding funding and bring more attention it’s the Trump administration [that’s done more to help Yazidis],” Haskan told Breitbart News.

” For instance, among the individuals we truly appreciate his efforts to help Yazidis in basic and the Christian minorities is Vice President Mike Pence. He’s been really inviting to every Yazidi,” he continued. “He is remarkable. We never saw something like this prior to from any other administration. This man cares. He’s there for us.”

In spite of the U.S. financing and the return house of some Yazidis, an estimated 3,000 members of the minority group, mainly ladies, remain missing or in ISIS captivity and Sinjar is still susceptible to attacks.

” Countless Yezidis have actually been rescued or have actually gotten away given that their capture in2014 We have been working to provide them with psychosocial and other assistance they require to begin to restore their lives,” a spokesperson for State told Breitbart News on condition of anonymity.

” We will continue to search for every opportunity to help find the staying hostages and to help those under risk from ISIS and subject to its barbaric and inhumane captivity,” the authorities added.

The Pentagon pledged to continue to work to keep all Iraqis, consisting of the Yazidis, safe. There are an approximated 5,000 American soldiers in Iraq.

” U.S. forces are in Iraq at the invite of the Government of Iraq as part of worldwide Coalition efforts to provide training and support to Iraqi Security Forces as they work to take apart ISIS’s network and bring higher stability to the Iraqi population as an entire, consisting of the Yazidis,” Leader Sean Robertson, a spokesman for the Pentagon, informed Breitbart News.

When ISIS recorded the Yazidi enclave town of Sinjar in Iraq back in 2014, the terrorists performed an estimated 500 people, consisting of children, and took thousands of women and women as sex slaves.

Furthermore, the terrorist group eventually indoctrinated abducted kids into disliking their ethnic background and become the next generation of jihadis.

Breitbart News spoke with several of the demonstrators who worried the “ongoing genocide” dealing with the Yazidis even as the group’s so-called caliphate falls.

” I’m generally here for the Yazidis to bring more attention to the continuous Yazidi plight. My myself I’ve lost two members of my household– my daddy and uncle have actually beheaded by ISIS. The Islamic State maltreated my household and friends they provided 2 choices– convert or be eliminated,” Faerie Gawri Aldakhi, a Yazidi demonstrator, informed Breitbart News.

Breitbart News also spoke with Jamal Ladakhis, another protestor who also lost family to ISIS beheadings in Iraq’s Sinjar region.

” We have nobody else to turn to except the Trump administration,” he said. “We want the U.S. to secure of our homeland. We are going through a humanitarian crisis today. Nobody else can safeguard us except the Trump administration.”

Although ISIS is no longer kidnapping people, countless Yazidis stay in their captivity, and they are using them as human guards, according to the demonstrators.

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