Boratdirector Larry Charles took to Twitter Monday and compared Trump fans– or as he described them, “Maga people”– to the violent, pro-China “triad” mob who assaulted peaceful pro-democracy protesters Sunday night and basically encouraged far-left agitators to equip themselves for “war.”

” After checking out armed #Triad goons assaulting pro-democracy protestors In #HongKong and the white supremacists/Proud Boys/Maga individuals welcoming violence here I’m glad to see the left equipping itself. This is war,” the longtimeCurb YourEnthusiasmmanufacturer declared.

After reading about armed #Triad thugs assaulting pro-democracy protestors In #HongKong and the white supremacists/Proud Boys/Maga people welcoming violence here I’m glad to see the left arming itself. This is war.

— Larry Charles (@larrycharlesism) July 22, 2019

Charles, a respected producer, author, and director, connected to a Guardian short article that detailed the desires of left-wing groups, like Antifa, to take up arms in order to safeguard events from “other harmful and potentially armed groups.”

The far-left has largely declined to condemn the violent actions of its extremist groups like Antifa. “Team” member Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) failed to condemn the self-described Antifa member who attempted to firebomb a federal detention center in Tacoma, Washington, previously this month.

@AOC declines to condemn the Antifa attack on the Tacoma ICE center; refuses to inform @TheRealKeean if her inflammatory comments about “concentration camps” radicalized the assailant.

— The Rebel (@RebelNewsOnline) July 15, 2019

Fellow member, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) also refused.

@AOC, @IlhanMN consistently REFUSE to condemn Antifa attack on Tacoma ICE center, and will not tell Antifa to stop utilizing violence. VIEW @TheRealKeean confront #AOC and #IlhanOmar

— The Rebel (@RebelNewsOnline) July 15, 2019

The Seattle Antifascist Action took it a step even more and actively praised the assailant, calling him a “martyr” in a Facebook post recently.

It read:

When our buddy and associate Willem Van Spronsen took a stand versus the fascist detention center in Tacoma, he became a martyr who provided his life to the struggle against fascism. He was kind and deeply liked by lots of neighborhoods; we can not let his death go unanswered. Throughout history we idolize figures like John Brown for their courage to take the ultimate stand against oppression, and today we stand strong in our support for yet another martyr in the resist fascism. May his death act as a call to protest and direct action.

Last month, violent leftist protesters in Portland, Oregon, viciously assaulted journalist and editor of Quilette, Andy Ngo. Ngo was hospitalized with a brain bleed. Pictures revealed cuts and bruises to his face, in addition to a torn earlobe.

Update to @MrAndyNgo supporters– he is being confessed to the healthcare facility over night as an outcome of a brain bleed. You ill “journalists” and other hacks gloating about this ought to be embarrassed. As for the rest, please pray for @MrAndyNgo who we require back in health– brave guy! ❤

— Harmeet K. Dhillon (@pnjaban) June 30, 2019

Just 3 arrests were made that night.

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