As Soon As again, President Trump has actually hit upon a supposedly “questionable” proposal that has triggered the whole herd of passing out goats in the Washington press corps to collapse in fevered panting and jerky convulsions. And, once again, the idea is easy, rational and genius.

Faced with an enormous and growing crisis of 100,000 illegal immigrants storming the border every month, Mr. Trump need to choose what to do with all these people who have discovered the giant Trojan horse that is America’s migration system.

Cross the border, claim asylum, get a court date, be released and vanish into the interior of the country– never to appear for that court date. Even much better, grab a child or purchase somebody else’s kid (formerly referred to as “human trafficking” or “kid slavery”) and struck the border claiming to be a “family.”

These individuals– primarily Democrats and journalists these days– declaring there is no crisis on the border and encouraging this disaster to continue are on the incorrect side of what is becoming an enormous humanitarian crisis.

All so they can feel great about themselves. They think about themselves as “inviting” and are motivating many people to make such a treacherous journey– guided by mercenary merchants of torment and death– that must end with them getting sent right back to where they originated from. If they don’t get raped and eliminated along the method.

All of this, of course, is financed by the homicidal drug cartels that use their human plans as diversions at the border to connect up U.S. Border Patrol agents so they can get the item they in fact care about– lethal opiates and other drugs– into the country unnoticed.

The president’s proposition: If House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the other open-border, Sanctuary City Democrats like this crisis a lot, let them take in all the illegals while the courts catch up with all the cases.

I suggest, actually, how is that anything aside from allowing Mrs. Pelosi and her Democrats to show the “love” they have for these illegals? Enable them into their cities, where they are already provided “sanctuary” from federal representatives trying hopelessly to enforce federal migration laws that were appropriately enacted by Congress.

Why should surround states and border cities have to bear the entire impact of a national crisis? Why shouldn’t that massive problem be shared a minimum of by all the individuals who think it is such a fantastic circumstance?

Why not open a pipeline of illegals directly into San Francisco and Portland, Oregon, Chicago and New York City? Let them handle the humanitarian crisis that they are encouraging. Or, how about Denver, the pothead campground of America?

The reaction from journalism and Democrats to Mr. Trump’s proposal tells you all you need to learn about just how deceitful these individuals are about the debacle at the border.

” The degree of this administration’s cynicism and cruelty can not be overemphasized,” said a statement launched from Mrs. Pelosi’s office. “Using humans– consisting of kids– as pawns in their distorted game to perpetuate worry and demonize immigrants is despicable, and in many cases, criminal.”

OK. Whatever. A minimum of she exposes her true self. She doesn’t desire them in her city. Or in her vineyard, which is surrounded by a wall. Unless, obviously, they come to work for cheap.

For in Pelosi’s vineyard, the last shall be very first and the first will be last. For numerous are called, but few are chosen.

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