The first duty of any government is to protect and to protect its own citizens.

There is no responsibility, in law or typical law or perhaps by inference, for any federal government to defend the goals of people who are nationals of other countries, or to focus on those aspirations over the goals of its own citizens.

From time to time federal governments might decide to help foreign nationals, as the United States carried out in some of our foreign wars. However this is the exception, not the rule. And even these interventions did not focus on foreign nationals over our own residents.

President Trump is restoring typical sense and sanity to a government which had actually lost its way. The American people never chose open borders, for globalism, and for the surrender of their national sovereignty.

Successive administrations– both Republican and Democrat, operating more like a UniParty than opposing parties– have gradually dismantled necessary components of our nationwide sovereignty. We understand how this was done: trade offers which favored international corporations over U.S. citizens, shipping jobs overseas, disregarding the ever-growing illegal alien population (now estimated to be in excess of 20,000,000) which has actually driven down incomes and expropriated entire sectors of the economy (i.e., meat packaging, landscaping, etc).

In addition to these negative results on the American individuals, U.S. residents are being eliminated by prohibited aliens at a worrying rate due to DUI deaths, overdose deaths from huge drug smuggling, and by outright murder.

However the crisis is bigger even than these individual and neighborhood disasters. We are losing our sovereignty. Our citizenship is being decreased the value of, debased, and nullified. A nation which can not control its borders is no longer a country.

We must ask, what’s using a federal government which can not safeguard its own individuals and protect its own nationwide sovereignty?

Though nobody wishes to see anybody out of work or missing a paycheck, why should anybody be asked to care more for a hundred or a thousand or ten thousand government employees whose pay is postponed, than for the survival of their nation?

A government that can not deliver on its fundamental duty to protect its own borders and to assure its own sovereignty not only is worthy of to be closed down, it is worthy of to be liquified.

We understand what’s going on. Substantial forces, populated by in some cases unusual bedfellows, want the status quo to continue since it matches their functions of profits and/or political power. These are the globalist multi-national corporations, the ethno-centric zealots of the Left, the great bulk of the Democratic Celebration, and the Never Trump wing of the Republican Celebration as exhibited by Mitt Romney.

In spite of perfunctory lip service, these individualswantopen borders, inefficient border security, mass migration, multiculturalism, multilingualism, and globalism. They truly think that the period of the country state is an antique of the past, and they are doing everything they can to accelerate this vision of their utopia.

But the American individuals never chose this paradise and do not desire it anymore than the Brits, the French, the Poles, or anyone else.

This is what the “shut down” is all about. The stakes might not be any greater– which is why the president must not and can not give up.

The author divides her time between the mountains of Appalachia and the swamps of DC.

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