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1. Trump’s tariff talk, Barr turns over some evidence

Without offering details, President Trump continues to say the U.S. and Mexico have actually concurred to “another very fundamental part” of the tariff deal the two countries stuck over the weekend. Mexico has actually denied the claim.

ABC News’ Karen Travers tells “Start Here” what the president told her when she inquired about it: “the president continues to firmly insist that there’s more there there.”

Then, ABC News’ Ben Siegel previews a vote in Congress today which would license the House to go to court to seek enforcement of subpoenas versus Chief law officer Expense Barr and former White Home counsel Don McGahn.

2. Bishops conference begins

Today, bishops from all over the country will fulfill in Baltimore to go over how to manage sex abuse by priests in the Catholic Church.

Michael O’Loughlin from the Jesuit magazine “America” previews the occasion: “The huge argument that we’re going to hear is how included will lay individuals be in this process of holding bishops responsible.”

3. NYC copter chaos

A pilot died when a helicopter crashed onto the roofing system of a Midtown Manhattan building in a hard landing on Monday, triggering evacuations near Times Square.

Col. Stephen Ganyard, a retired military pilot and present ABC News factor, informs the “Start Here” podcast that “there’s going to be real questions about whether he was where he should have been and whether he must have been flying at all.”

PHOTO: Emergency vehicles fill the street at the scene after a helicopter crashed atop a building in Times Square and caused a fire in the Manhattan borough of New York, June 11, 2019. Brendan Mcdermid/Reuters
Emergency vehicles fill the street at the scene after a helicopter crashed atop a building in Times Square and caused a fire in the Manhattan district of New york city, June 11,2019

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Somewhere Else:

‘ Thought he was simply joking’: For the 2nd time in as lots of weeks, a teen was attacked by a shark off the Carolina coast. Austin Reed was bit on his foot while surfing Monday.

‘ Harmful cyber-attack’: Federal government security images of worldwide tourists and license plates were hacked as part of a attack on a federal professional, the government stated.

‘ The reforms that we instituted are working’: Despite the deaths of 29 horses this racing season, the owners of Santa Anita Park say they will not halt races in the face of increasing pressure to do so.

‘ Today’s choice is a clear triumph for our clients’: As the battle over abortion rights in the nation continues, the only Planned Parenthood center in Missouri will be permitted to remain open as the state’s health department weighs restoring its license.

From our friends at FiveThirtyEight:

Which Democratic Presidential Prospect Was Mentioned Most On Cable Television News Recently? Former Vice President Joe Biden has actually dominated the cable television news-o-sphere every week given that he launched his project, but just how much has varied from week to week.

Doff your cap:

These thrill-seekers provide a whole new meaning to the phrase “do not look down.”

Adventure-seekers traverse 800-meter-long slackline perched 300 meters high in the French Alps for a dose of adrenaline.Play
Thrill-seekers brave slackline numerous hundred meters high in French Alps

These brave adventurers were recorded on video passing through throughout an 800- meter-long slack line perched 300 meters high in the French Alps.

Do not fret, they are using tethers, however it suffices to make your heart avoid a beat, or a couple of.

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