Democrat activist Stacey Abrams stated Tuesday she will not run for president in 2020 however signaled she is “open” to being the running mate to “any” of the White House hopefuls seeking to oust President Donald Trump.

” I have actually just come to the decision that my best value include, the greatest contribution I can provide to this main, would be to make sure our nominee is entering an environment where there’s strong voter protections in place,” Abrams stated in an interview with theNew York City Times

” I would be honored to be considered by any nominee,” she included.

A positive Abrams previously said she thinks she might still win the nomination even if she mounted a bid in the fall and missed two rounds of governmental main arguments. The Georgia Democrat was the subject of reports that former Vice President Joe Biden could select her as his running mate prior to Biden officially started his project — an idea she and her allies turned down publically.

” I think it is deeply problematic that there would be a discussion of relegating any female to the function of 2nd when the primary has yet to fully take shape,” Abrams told theGuardian“I think it’s a reflection again of this notion of what management appears like.”

Tuesday’s development follows Abrams revealed that she would not run for Senate versus incumbent Sen. David Perdue (R-GA). ” I value the value of that function. But I am not so conceited regarding believe I’m the only one who can win that,” she informed theTimesTop Democrats on Capitol Hill, consisting of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) fulfilled privately with Abrams to urge her to run for the seat.

Regardless of losing her 2018 gubernatorial bid versus Gov. Brian Kemp (R-GA), Abrams still declines to yield the race, accusing her challenger of suppressing black citizens to win. Abrams, who provided the Democrat Celebration’s official response to President Donald Trump’s 2019 State of the Union address, just recently released Fair Combat Action, a group focused on combatting citizen suppression.

The progressive darling made headings Tuesday for drifting an evidence-free conspiracy theory– that the Republican Politician National Committee (RNC) may station off-duty cops officers in minority neighborhoods to “terrify citizens, particularly citizens of color.”

” For the first time given that 1981, the RNC will be allowed to cheat and lie and enter into ballot locations and scare citizens, especially voters of color,” she informed MSNBC’sThe Rachel Maddow Show“Fair Fight 2020 is designed to prepare for all those challenges, but not just fret about them, work against them, which’s what we gained from2018 We can not await the cavalry to come. We need to be the army, and we need to stand up now.”

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