Thursday on the Senate flooring, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) argued versus moneying President Donald Trump’s wall on the U.S.-Mexico border and called President Donald Trump’s resolve on the problem a “tantrum.”

Schumer said, “They still have that $1.34 billion. They haven’t even spent the vast bulk of. And currently they’re demanding $5 billion more. Some would say even demanding $1.6 billion more is excessive. However the concept that they have not spent last year’s cash and they’re demanding such a big amount this year makes no sense at all. To ask the American taxpayer to bear the cost for an unexpected, unnecessary, inadequate border is just outrageous.”

He continued, “We understand why President Trump is doing this like he does so lots of things. It’s a throwaway concept to fire up his base, and I am ashamed that my Republican coworkers, who understand better, are going along. So if President Trump wishes to toss a tantrum and shut down the federal government over Christmas over the wall, that’s his decision. However there are 2 reasonable choices on the table to avoid one. Two practical alternatives. And we do not want to let a Trump temper tantrum govern our policies or cause the shutdown of the government, which everyone on both sides of the aisle understands is the wrong concept”

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