Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” Home Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said the Mueller report revealed President Donald Trump’s obstruction of justice was “far worse than anything that Richard Nixon did.”

Schiff stated, “I have been clear over the last year, there’s sufficient proof of collusion in plain sight. I distinguish time and time once again between collusion that’s acts of corruption that might or might not be criminal and evidence of criminal conspiracy.”

He continued, “The blockage of justice, in this case, is far even worse than anything that Richard Nixon did. The break-in of the Russians of the democratic institutions, foreign enemy. Yes, I would state in every way this is more substantial. The fact that a candidate for president and now the president of the United States will not just stand up and withstand Russia disturbance in our election exceeds anything that Richard Nixon yes. It’s even more serious than Watergate.”

He added, “I do believe he obstructed justice and did so in lots of ways and I think the Mueller report explains how the elements of blockage are satisfied in a number of courses of the president’s conduct.”
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