Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) stated President Donald Trump’s disappeared accountable for the mass shooting in El Paso, TX than Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) was for one of his fans shooting a Republican baseball practice in 2017, which significantly injured Scalise.

Partial records as follows:

MARGARET BRENNAN, HOST OF CBS’S “FACE THE NATION”: We’ll need to await the fall to see what shows up. However I do wish to ask you, since you’ve voiced some concern about tone and discussion about these killings in this country. When it comes to El Paso, it is the largest anti-Latino attack this country has actually ever seen. The killer said that he went to a border town to kill Mexicans. Provided this particular context, can you comprehend the level of sensitivity to language used by the president when he describes migrants as “attacking this country”?

SCALISE: Well, first off, I- I- my heart breaks as everybody’s does when you see what happened. There’s no place for it, whether it’s somebody that’s racist that- that dislikes a particular ethnic group. There’s no place for those type of attacks and attacking individuals based on- on their ethnicity. But to attempt to designate blame to somebody else I believe is a very slippery slope because the president’s say goodbye to responsible for that shooting as your next visitor, Bernie Sanders, is for my shooting. And he’s not, by the way, responsible, the shooter is accountable. What we need to do is learn those individuals that have actually slipped through the cracks, and we have actually seen it in shooting after shooting; Sutherland Springs, Charleston, even in Dayton. He had a hit list and a rape list and yet none of that remained in the system. Let’s ensure these background check systems work properly and are rooting out individuals that shouldn’t be able to legally purchase a gun but presently are because the system hasn’t worked.

BRENNAN: So, you have not recommended the president to reassess a few of his words that lots of in the Hispanic community think about inflammatory?

SCALISE: Well, firstly, the president was extremely clear simply the other day that there’s no location for this. He spoke out against bigotry, he spoke up against these sort of attacks. And so to attempt to appoint blame, you know, go appearance at a few of these governmental prospects who made some of the most ridiculous statements. I suggest Joe Biden simply said that he was vice president when the Parkland kids–


SCALISE:– came and met with him, he wasn’t vice president. You understand, so a few of these things that are being stated are- are beyond ridiculous. I- I understand they’re running for president, and they may not like Donald Trump’s views, but stop this- this outrageous assessment of blame to someone aside from the individual who’s responsible. And again, you know, just- just- you talk with- to other individuals who were incentives- look at the Dayton shooter and what his motivations were. Is any person inquiring about that? Anybody from the left–


SCALISE:– who he was motivated by. There’s no right- there’s no place for it. The shooter’s–

BRENNAN: So you’re–

SCALISE:– responsible. Let’s attempt to identify these shooters in a much better method which today we’re working on doing let’s put more focus there.

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