Actor Samuel L. Jackson declares he does not care whether his vehement anti-President Donald Trump position pushes away a few of his fans, pointing out that he has actually already made a significant fortune from their support.

In an interview withEsquiretoday,theCaptain Marvelstar accused fans of the President Trump of complicity in “destroying the planet,” and advised them to “burn up” his movies if they didn’t like it.

” This motherfucker resembles messing up the world and all type of other crazy shit,” Samuel L. Jackson said. “And individuals believe that’s OKAY. It’s not fucking OK. And if you’re not saying anything, then you’re complicit.”

” I know how many motherfuckers hate me. ‘I’m never ever visiting a Sam Jackson movie once again.’ F– k I care?” he continued. “If you never went to another movie I performed in my life, I’m not going to lose any money. I already cashed that check. F– k you. Burn up my videotapes. I don’t offer a fuck.”

ThePulp Fictionstar likewise countered at critics who state that rather than weighing in on politics he should focus on his acting profession.

” No, motherfucker. I’m a human being that feels a specific way. And some of this shit does impact me, due to the fact that if we don’t have healthcare … and my relatives get sick, they’re going to call my abundant ass,” he explained. “I desire them to have healthcare. I desire them to be able to take care of themselves. This is how I feel. And I count to 100 some days prior to I hit ‘send,’ because I understand how that shit is.”

During the interview, Jackson likewise declared that Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell were the exact same kinds of people who racially abused him when he was young.

” I’m angrier now about it than I was then even if I see these guys and I understand these are the same guys: Trump and all those assholes, Mitch McConnell,” he stated when asked about his youth maturing in segregation. “But they’re the very same fucking men. And when I hear their voices, I hear the same voices. Those twangs where they didn’t particularly call you ‘nigger,’ they said ‘nigra.’ ‘The nigras.'”

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