Thursday on MSNBC’s “Deadline,” network host Rachel Maddow said because unique counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is still under Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s management, today’s advancement of former Trump legal representative Michael Cohen pleading guilty was an “threatening moment for the White House.”

Maddow said, “It really makes me seem like this need to be a much more threatening minute for the White Home because if Mueller is continuing without being throttled or stymied and proceeding at this type of a rate, rolling out this stuff today, everything is aiming right at the president personally and that’s got to be extremely upsetting for them.”

She continued, “The issue here for the president is the plot that was simply revealed in the Cohen files. And what is exposed, if you go back from it, is that the president and his service were actively involved in working out probably the most significant service deal of Trump’s life in Moscow, consisting of direct negotiations with the Kremlin throughout the president’s campaign, and they were lying about it at the time and they have lied about it considering that and they have actually been taken part in a fancy effort to cover it up. And the time they were secretly negotiating what would have probably been the biggest deal of his life with the Kremlin, at that exact same time, the Kremlin was stepping in, unlawfully, in U.S. politics to help Trump win the election.”

She added, “It likewise shows us that Mueller has evidence, enough to bring a criminal charge associated with it, that while Russia was actively intervening in our election to injure Hillary Clinton and assist Donald Trump, Trump was doing company with Russia which indicated particularly doing company with the Kremlin and lying about it. Which is the story.”

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