Middle Eastern Women’s Union members clashed with Code Pink activists in Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s front workplace Thursday over Rep. Ilhan Omar’s support for Sharia Law.

Rabbi Aryeh Spero led a pro-Israel organized sit-in at Pelosi’s workplace Thursday, highlighting the Speaker’s failure to condemn antisemitism from Rep. Ilhan Omar and more broadly in your house of Representatives.

After pro-Israel individuals at the occasion streamed into the front of Pelosi’s congressional office, some from the Middle Eastern Women’s Union (MEWC) began challenging two leftist Code Pink activists who made their method to counter the pro-Israel participants.

The pro-Israel side chanted “Stand with Israel” and the opposition started yelling back “Stand with Ilhan,” describing the agent who has made duplicated antisemitic remarks.

A pink-clad counter-protester shouting “Stand with Ilhan” displayed a “Stop Islamophobia” sign.

One Code Pink activist challenged a MEWC member, “Do you protect the rights of Palestinians?” The MEWC female shot back, “They need to defend themselves like I defend myself.”

The Code Pink protesters buffooned the females challenging them.

” Female genital mutilation has practice in this country,” MEWC board member Marilyn Matrisciana pressed to the activists, specifying that Rep. Omar “is totally for this.” She contended that Omar has supported “Sharia Law ideas” and “she’s not for ladies.”

Among the pink-clad activists mocked Matrisciana’s contention that the United States was established on biblical concepts.

That very same Code Pink activist then mocked Matrisciana for caution of Sharia Law with giggles saying, “How do I sign up to be a Sharia Law individual?”

Another Code Pink activist took a shot at Matrisciana: “Why do not you pray at the Wailing Wall if females are so complimentary?” an apparent recommendation to the Western Wall in Jerusalem, where both men and women pertain to hope.

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