Throughout a interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria at the Council on Foreign Relations, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) stated President Donald Trump did not have actually “shared values,” with the Congress of the United States.

Zakaria said, “Let me ask you, though, about governmental power. Exists a kind of usurpation of congressional authority? Because 1976, when Congress stated a National Emergency Act, Gerald Ford signed it, there have been fifty, the presidents have stated 59 emergencies. 32 are still in place. We still have national emergencies in location about Macedonia, about Lebanon, about the Iran hostage crisis. Is it time for Congress to start much more seriously overseeing these type of executive usurpations of power?”

Pelosi said, “Yeah. I believe Congress were accomplices in a few of these things, but were dealing with presidents with whom we had shared worths and to provide the president the facility to do what he required– or hopefully one day, she needed to do. However it has gone too far. And if it’s a nationwide emergency, it’s something but if it’s to state a nationwide emergency situation that does not exist, isn’t– is a exploitation of an opportunity that shouldn’t be happening.”

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