More than 95 percent of unlawful aliens who applied for or renewed their Deferred Action for Youth Arrivals (DACA) status– which provides momentary amnesty– received approval in the previous 2 years of President Trump’s administration.

Newly launched information on the DACA program reveals that approval and renewal rates for the nearly 700,000 DACA-enrolled prohibited aliens stay incredibly high.

Although Chief Law Officer Jeff Sessions ended DACA in 2015, the program’s termination has actually been held up in the courts, for this reason currently enrolled prohibited aliens are permitted to renew their momentary amnesty. That renewal benefits two years.

The information, examined by the Center for Immigration Studies, reveals that in 2017 and 2018, there was more than 95 percent approval rate for qualified illegal aliens who got or restored their DACA status.

=” 1280 “>( Center for Immigration Research Studies )In 2017, the approval rate for DACA was one of the highest considering that 2012, with qualified prohibited aliens having a more than 97 percent possibility of getting the short-lived amnesty if they applied. In Fiscal Year 2018, when DACA illegal aliens hurried to renew their status, the approval rate was more than 96 percent.

Every year, in fact, of the DACA program– except for 2014– had a more than 95 percent approval rate for prohibited aliens who got the short-term amnesty.

The data likewise highlights that the vast bulk of the numerous thousands of unlawful aliens enrolled in DACA are from Mexico. Nearly 80 percent are from that country, while the 2nd biggest group of DACA unlawful aliens are from Central America, including El Salvador and Honduras– both of which suffer from severe gang problems and rampant crime.

(Center for Migration Studies)

Most recently, supporters of DACA in the Republican politician and Democrat establishment have touted the idea of trading an amnesty for DACA illegal aliens in exchange for some funding for Trump’s proposed border wall.

Such a strategy, however, would render the border wall ineffective in its desired goal to minimize illegal and legal immigration to the country to increase the U.S. wages of America’s working and middle class. A DACA amnesty would cost American taxpayers about $26 billion, more than the border wall, and it would drive future migrations, both prohibited and legal, to the nation for generations.

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