LAS VEGAS, NV - FEBRUARY 23: Supporters cheer while waiting for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to speak at a caucus night watch party at the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino on February 23, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The New York businessman won his third state victory in a ...
LAS VEGAS, NV- FEBRUARY 23: Supporters cheer while waiting on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to speak at a caucus night watch celebration at the Treasure Island Hotel & Gambling Establishment on February 23,</figure>
<h2>2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The New york city businessman won his third state triumph in a ... Ethan Miller/Getty Images The far-left Washington Post’s Dave Weigel called President Trump’s supporters” rubes” during an appearance on a left-wing podcast.

In action, thePostinformed the Daily Caller, which initially reported on the event, that “We do not think our press reporters must be utilizing derogatory terms to characterize anybody [and the] matter is being managed internally.”

Weigel appeared on the left-wing podcast Chapo Trap Host and in referral to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) handling of the partial federal government shutdown and the financing for President Trump’s wall, said that McConnell “is great at determining what the rubes wish to hear.”

McConnell didn’t care about the wall … he’s excellent at determining what the rubes wish to hear, due to the fact that all he appreciates is getting enough judges to strike down campaign-finance law, overrule gun law, strike down healthcare, and so on

. All of his fantastic methods resemble, ‘What if we don’t have a vote on this? What if we simply sit here for 2 years and do not have a vote on this?’ On the wall, like, ‘What if we do not do that? What if we just don’t do that? Everybody disappear so I can validate more judges.’

Like much of the establishment media, the anti-TrumpPosthas actually progressively endured and even motivated slurs against those on the political right, many especially President Trump and his supporters.

Previously this month, thePostpublished a column arguing it was all right to call Trump a “motherfucker” and even after the young boys from Covington Catholic High School were vindicated by uncut video, thePostcontinues to release smears about these kids, who are guilty of nothing more than being white, Christian Trump fans.

The Post has actually likewise openly called for the harassment of Trump advocates, as much as and including violence.

Back in July, thePost’sJennifer Rubin publicly called for the public harassment of White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders. In June, the increasingly unhingedPostreleased a story promoting for the universal hatred of all men and attempted to blame Trump for producing a typhoon.

ThePosthas also released call for violence against the political right, as we saw in this piece published in mid-2017.

ThePostwas already knowledgeable about Weigel’s long history of smearing the political right. He was required to resign from thePostfor precisely that back in 2010. ThePostrehired him a couple of years later, and now, here he is, back to doing it again when he thinks nobody is looking.

However there will be no repercussions this time. Compared to the open calls for hate, harassment, and violence thePostis releasing and spreading nowadays, Weigel’s elite biases seem quite tame.

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