Tuesday on MSNBC, host Katy Tur stated President Donald Trump only understands how to select battles to keep himself in the headlines.

Tur stated, “Donald Trump advocates are not a monolith. That’s a mistake that everybody makes. No more so than Donald Trump himself who believes his citizens require him to fulfill these pledges. It’s not a promise if Mexico’s not spending for it. Donald Trump supporters even stated to me when I said, what if he can’t build a wall? ‘That’s fine. I simply desire him to enter there and get things done.’ He’s not getting anything done.”

She continued, “Rush Limbaugh was not at project path talking to people at Donald Trump rallies. His project assistants must know this too since a lot of them existed likewise. Yes, there was the action. ‘Build the wall and Mexico will spend for it.’ But a great deal of them were there for the show and entertainment worth of those rallies, rather than the point by point that Donald Trump was making for his policy. They understood that he was a showman. They didn’t think he was going to go to Washington and continue to be a showman because vein. They were hoping he would be someone who would get things done.”

She added, “It seems all he wishes to do, all he understands how to do is battle, fight, battle. When there’s no battle, select a fight. ‘I’m going to do everything I can to keep myself in each and every single among the headings and the only way I understand how to do that is by blowing things up over and over again.'”

She concluded, “There were all sorts of folks that put him over the edge. That were not thrilled or enthusiastic about Donald Trump constructing the wall and being mean, frankly, and stating unreasonable things on Twitter and calling people names. They were the ones who thought, ‘Hey, listen, I simply desire to get something done. I desire Washington to work again. I seem like I’ve got to try something entirely different.'”

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