Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Tuesday he was not amazed by the news that President Donald Trump fired National Security Advisor John Bolton.

” I’m never shocked,” Pompeo said with a laugh when asked by reporters if he was amazed about the news. “And I don’t mean that on simply this concern.”

Pompeo stated that he worked carefully with Trump and stated the president requested for Bolton’s resignation on Monday night and was received on Tuesday morning. The president revealed the news on Twitter on Tuesday.

” I disagreed strongly with a number of his ideas, as did others in the Administration, and therefore asked John for his resignation,” Trump wrote.

The Secretary of State verified reports that he also disagreed with Bolton on a number of concerns.

” There were certainly positions that Ambassador Bolton and I had various views on how we need to proceed,” he said.

Pompeo spoke at a White Home press conference with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announcing a brand-new executive order modernizing terror focused economic sanctions, but reporters only desired extra information about the announcement of Bolton’s firing just hours previously.

Mnuchin also volunteered info about how Bolton’s views varied from the president’s.

” The President’s view of the Iraq war and Ambassador Bolton’s were really various,” he stated.

Pompeo warned world leaders, consisting of those in Iran, from taking Bolton’s firing as a sign that Trump’s foreign policy would change.

” I don’t think that any leader around the globe must make any assumption that since some one of us leaves that the president Trump’s foreign policy will alter in a product method,” he stated.

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