Sunday on MSNBC’s “AM Pleasure,” Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) stated President Donald Trump is a “criminal” who ought to be impeached.

Waters said, “Well, I hate to say it but it resembles I’m going to state it, I told you so. Remember I started out talking about this president even before the inauguration. I talked about him being a despicable character. I spoke about him not deserving the presidency United States of America.”

She continued, “I said it’s not about wishing to undermine our democracy, it was about lifting those sanctions. I think that the arrangement of Manafort and Putin, coming to the campaign to begin with was to do whatever they could do so that he could get this president chosen so he might be the president that was going to lift these sanctions so they might all earn money. I continue to state you follow the cash and you’ll see all of these burglars. This president has actually brought a criminal enterprise into the White Home.”

She added, “I do believe that the Congress of the United States of America have not presumed their responsibility that’s given to us by the Constitution of the United States by way of impeachment. This president in my estimation has actually been everything possible to certainly be qualified for impeachment. I really do think that it should be started. I think there have actually been a couple of efforts that certainly did not win assistance since the Republicans were in charge of both houses, however I do think impeachment must start. I understand a lot of individuals don’t concur with me. Some say it would be too disruptive. I have stated over and over again we can stroll and we can chew gum at the exact same time. We can be about the service of healthcare. We can be about the organisation of facilities. We can be about setting the country on the best course to undo a lot of the important things the administration has actually done to actually weaken the very people they are expected to represent. So I believe we can do all of it. We can not continue with the president who lies. The president is a criminal. The president worked with Cohen, advised him to go and pay these females to be peaceful, to shut them up. The president was not just merely complicit in all of this, he is the one that started this with his attorney. This criminal must be raised by the Congress of the United States for impeachment.”

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