Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” New york city Times writer Maureen Dowd stated George H.W. Bush called Donald Trump a curse word and tossed his shoe at the television when Trump was on.

Dowd said, “I think, you understand, that Donald Trump would be incomprehensible to him literally. And even that was 2011, so in our wildest imagination we couldn’t envision that Trump would be the candidate which he would, you know, devitalize H.W.’s dream of Jeb in the White Home with two words, ‘low energy.’ All of that was unthinkable.”

She continued, “I asked him about Donald Trump because at that point Trump was leading the birther movement and H.W. was discussing just how much he liked Expense Clinton and Obama and I asked him what do you believe of this Trump birther thing and he just said … am I allowed to say that word on air? … He said, you know, in essence, he’s a jerk– with a different word.”

She included, “I heard later on that he was throwing a shoe at the television when Trump came on. You know he was a guy with enormous civility and I don’t think he might comprehend this.”

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