WASHINGTON, DC - NOVEMBER 14: Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) (R) listens to U.S. President Donald Trump make an announcement regarding the
 WASHINGTON, DC -NOVEMBER 14: Sen. Lindsey Graham</cite></figcaption></figure>
<h2>( R-SC )( R) listens to U.S. President Donald Trump make an announcement regarding theMark Wilson/Getty Images Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) forecasted Wednesday evening that it will likely be” completion of [the Trump] presidency” if the president

reaches an arrangement with Democrats to end the

federal government shutdown without funding for a southern border wall. A partial records is as follows: SEAN HANNITY: You provided a compromise [to end the shutdown] Now, Democrats also state they care about the DACA

kids. What is your compromise? SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM: The compromise is [to] provide the president the $5 billion we need for walls [and] border security as a deposit to protecting the border. The DACA population has to do with 700,000. Offer them work authorizations, three-year work permits, so they don’t have to stress over getting deported anytime quickly. The TPS individuals who came here years ago from war-torn locations, typhoons, and floods, and renew their legal status– no path to citizenship– and call it a day. It’s called a compromise. The president stated, “let’s make an offer.” The Democrat’s reaction is, essentially, “got to hell.” They’re going to send out an expense from the House to the Senate that has no money for the wall. It’s not going to see the light of day. Mitch McConnell is never going to bring an expense on to the flooring of the Senate that doesn’t have money for the wall. We require the wall. They have actually all voted for the wall. And the only method we’re going to get the wall is to combat for it.

HANNITY: This is a battle, to me, worth having, and I understand it’s troublesome. By the way, I support all those furloughed workers. I do not want them caught in a political crossfire. They deserve their back-pay. It’s through no fault of there own that they’re not considered as vital services. However, does the president have other choices for the wall?

SEN. GRAHAM: You can move some money around, but he’ll get taken legal action against. There will be suits in California to stop any effort to have other companies fund the border, however there is some loan you might utilize for sure. However, why should this president have to play that game? Why should Donald Trump need to do that, when Democratic presidents and Republican presidents in the past were able to get money to protect the border from Democrats?

HANNITY: If this takes 150 days, I think the Republican politician Party requires to stand unified with the president. I believe in you. I do not believe in a few of your associates, but saving lives, stopping drug trafficking, and human trafficking deserves the battle. Will the president hold the line?

SEN. GRAHAM: Let me tell you how our government works. Any costs passed in your house needs to come from the Senate, has to get 60 votes, and for it to be signed into law, the president needs to sign it. He’s not going to sign a bill that does not have money for the wall … If he gives up now, that’s completion of 2019 in regards to him being an efficient president. That’s the most likely the end of his presidency. Donald Trump has made a guarantee to the American individuals. He’s going to protect our border.

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