Univision anchor Jorge Ramos thinks President Donald Trump’s border wall would be absolutely nothing more than a “sign of hate and bigotry” for “those who want make America white once again.”

In a WednesdayNew York Timesop-ed, Ramos keeps in mind that Trump “is not the first president to ask for cash for a wall.” He mentions that former Presidents George H.W. Bush, Costs Clinton, and George W. Bush “developed fences and walls along the southern border” while previous President Barack Obama “preserved the resulting system of approximately 700 miles of physical barriers.”

” So why do not we desire Mr. Trump to develop his wall? What is different?” Ramos asks. “The difference is that Mr. Trump’s wall is a sign of hate and bigotry, it would be entirely ineffective, and it does not attend to any national emergency situation.”

Ramos, who stated the United States has an obligation to “take in” caravan migrants, says the battle versus the border wall “is about more than simply a wall.”

” The wall has ended up being a metaphor to Mr. Trump and his countless advocates,” he writes. “It represents a divide between ‘us’ and ‘them,’ a physical separation for those who contradict that in just a few years, a bulk of the nation will be individuals of color.”

Ramos implicates Trump of trying to “exploit the stress and anxiety and resentment of citizens in a significantly multicultural, multiethnic society” with his pledge of a border wall, which Ramos states is nothing more than “a symbol for those who wish to make America white once again.”

” The chant ‘Build that wall, construct that wall’ became his hymn– and an insult not just to Latinos however likewise to all individuals who do not share his xenophobic ideals,” Ramos continues. “The wall went from a project promise to a monolith constructed on bigoted ideas. That is why most Americans can not say yes to it. Every nation has a right to protect its borders. But not to a wall that represents hate, discrimination and fear.”

He concludes by arguing that Trump “is the wall” because “the idea of America as an unwelcoming nation to immigrants and uneasy for minorities is currently here.”

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