Friday on MSNBC’s “Due date,” network political analyst John Heilemann stated President Donald Trump and his family were a “low-level, low-rent, tacky criminal offense household.”

On possible collusion in between the Trump project and Russia, Heilemann stated, “When it pertains to this level of coordinating things at the greatest level, and on this question, which is the crucial one here, Donald Trump is promiscuous in his lies. He is promiscuous in a great deal of things, however much of the promiscuities that he has actually had in his life has actually been unimportant things. He didn’t care about that lady or that individual or that individual he screwed over. He cares a lot about money. What we’re getting to today is that the lies and questions have been lies about safeguarding a profession built on scams and potentially on monetary criminal activity and possibly on money laundering, and those lies because they are everything about the one thing he cares about, himself and his cash, those are things he has a lot of concentrate on. The things he has concentrate on are things he’s capable of collaborating.”

He added, “You don’t have an entire bunch of people telling lies that snap together like a jigsaw puzzle without some sort of collaborated intelligence behind it. And wether it was alone or with the rest of the Trump family, or the Kushners, but jointly, this low level, low lease, tacky criminal activity household that I believe they are at heart, there is coordination there and an effort that’s worked pretty well to get Donald Trump to a lot places of nobody thought he might get.”

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