Thursday on MSNBC’s “Deadline,” network political analyst John Heilemann explained President Donald Trump as being “tactically inept” and “strategically nitwitted” by canceling Home Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) approaching international travel.

Heilemann said, “Tactically however, and strategically, this is a political thing, right? So tactically, what Trump has done today is tactically inept, strategically nitwitted in the following method: as a strategy, Nancy Pelosi will now stand and say, so you hardly have actually been abroad ever to check out the troops. You barely have actually ever entered a battle zone and did it once and you moaned and grumbled about it when you went. You’re essentially saying to me you will secure your individual problem on me in my effort to attempt to read more about the world and get to visit some soldiers. This makes Trump look bad at a tactical level.”

He included, “The strategic level, what’s the point here, right? Pelosi’s thing was brilliant for the following reasons– it’s a method to force Trump to end the shutdown. Dude, if you keep the federal government shut down, this is not a safe occasion. I’m putting pressure on you to offer you what I want, which is the federal government gets resumed. Trump doing this to Pelosi has what result on her stance related to the border wall? Zero. And the best-case situation, even if he seemed like it was a tit for tat, she slapped me, I slapped her back. How does that get her to change her mind and the Democratic celebration’s mind on the important things he’s supposed to be defending, which is wall financing? Zero opportunity of getting him anything, even in the best-case situation, Zero opportunity of achieving anything at the level of political strategy. So, yeah, I imply, it’s clearly kind of on the surface stupid. However took him an entire day. If you believed through the methods and method, this makes no sense on either level.”

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