Former Vice President Joe Biden told The Intercept that “anybody can beat” President Donald Trump in 2020’s upcoming presidential election, offering his impromptu remarks on December 5 while leaving from the Lantos Structure’s 10th Anniversary Gala in Washington, DC.

The Intercept’s Nicholas Ballasy obstructed Biden as the former vice president exited the aforementioned occasion.

Records below:

BALLASY: Can I ask you why you’re the most certified individual to handle President Trump?

BIDEN: Nobody needs to run for president unless they think they’re certified

BALLASY: And why do you think you can beat President Trump? Why is this your time?

BIDEN: I think anyone can beat him.

BALLASY: Any person? Anybody on the Democratic side?

BIDEN: Anyone from the Democrats can beat him.


” I’ll be as straight with you as I can” stated Biden. “I believe I’m the most certified person in the nation to be president. The problems that we deal with as a nation today are the problems that have remained in my wheelhouse, that I have actually worked on my whole life.”

A poll commissioned by the Democracy for America political action committee in December had Biden as the second-most wanted– with 14.88 percent support– potential 2020 Democrat presidential prospect amongst the survey’s respondents. The survey has Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) leading all competitors– with 36.14 percent support– as the most favored potential Democrat presidential prospect.

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