Previous Vice President Joe Biden criticized President Donald Trump on Monday for leveling tariffs on China.

” The president has actually done nothing but increase the tariffs, the financial obligation, and the trade deficit,” Biden said in action to a concern from a CNN reporter in New Hampshire.

Trump raised tariffs on some China items last week after leaders broken the structure for a renegotiated trade offer. Trump’s initial trade tariffs brought China to the negotiating table.

Biden confessed that China is a problem which its “biggest offense” is the theft of intellectual residential or commercial property. But he argued that Trump was harming American farmers and employees with tariffs.

” The only individuals paying the rate are farmers and working individuals today,” he stated. “He’s going about it all the incorrect way, a great deal of bravado, no action.”

Biden did not discuss that the Obama administration failed to resolve the trade imbalance and the concern of copyright during his eight years as vice president.

This month, Biden argued the opposite, slamming Trump for trying to look after soybean farmers at the cost of other interests.

” Automatically heading out and simply choosing it’s all about trade deficit imbalance and go on and take care of the soybean farmers in my state and here and around the country is not the way to do it,” he stated in Iowa. “We need smart policies in regard to how we deal on trade.”

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