After his FBI pitched the narrative that Russia interfered in the 2016 election particularly to help Donald Trump, disgraced former FBI Director James Comey conceded that Russia’s main goals were initially to cause election turmoil normally and after that to guarantee the defeat of Hillary Clinton.

Russia’s 3rd concern was to assist Trump win the election, Comey stated.

Comey made the comments while speaking last Thursday at a CNN city center event.

Here is the pertinent part of the transcript:

CONCERN: Hi, Director Comey. Having resided in Russia, I can tell you that the general public viewpoint of President Trump there is lukewarm to negative at finest. It also appears that the personal relationship in between Putin and Trump has cooled. So individual collusion is quite tough to buy into.

As such, do you believe there are other Russian objectives behind U.S. election interference beyond trying to destabilize our faith in American democracy and undermine our world leadership geopolitically?

COMEY: Well, they had three objectives last election cycle, and Donald Trump was in fact third on the list.

The very first, as you said, was they want to filthy up this democracy so it’s not an example for other countries worldwide.

2nd, they wished to injure Hillary Clinton, who Vladimir Putin hated.

And last, they wished to assist Donald Trump, who even they weren’t sure might win the election.

Comey’s FBI belonged to a January 6, 2017 U.S. Intelligence Neighborhood (IC) file evaluating Russian disturbance efforts in the most current U.S. governmental election. In the IC report, the NSA examined the conclusion that Putin favored Trump and worked to get him elected only with a category of “moderate self-confidence,” while the FBI and CIA gave it a “high self-confidence” ranking.

A Republican Politician House Intelligence Committee’s 250- page report on supposed Russian collusion released in April of last year raised concerns about the “high self-confidence” evaluation by the FBI and CIA, perhaps describing why the NSA didn’t share the conclusion when it concerned Russian objectives relating to Trump during the election.

Your home report found that the IC assessment of Putin’s tactical intents for supposedly interfering in the U.S. election to help Trump “did not use appropriate analytic tradecraft” and consisted of “significant intelligence tradecraft failings that weaken self-confidence” in the judgments, including the failure to “be independent of political considerations.”

Likewise, there is a different story on the subject in the 2018 book of James Clapper, who functioned as director of National Intelligence under the Obama administration. It was Clapper’s agency that released the Intelligence Community report.

As Breitbart News reported, Clapper’s recent book describes various shifts in Russia’s alleged mindset toward Trump throughout the 2016 governmental campaign.

At first, Clapper composes that Russia simply opposed Hillary Clinton and didn’t prefer one Republican governmental prospect. After Trump seemed initially poised to perhaps win, Clapper relates an alleged Russian propaganda effort to assist Trump’s success in order to beat Clinton. Towards the final stretch of the governmental campaign, with Trump’s poll numbers falling, Clapper wrote that Russia shifted its position away from assisting Trump and focused primarily on opposing Hillary, even apparently offering Green Celebration candidate Jill Stein with more beneficial coverage.

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Joshua Klein contributed research to this short article.

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