Friday at the 2019 “Females worldwide” top, 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton responded to the Trump Justice Department’s handling of unique counsel Robert Mueller’s report since Mueller had actually submitted it to Lawyer General William Barr.

Clinton compared it to former President Richard Nixon’s Watergate examination and stated the circumstance was a little bit of a “Golden Zone.”

Partial records as follows:

CLINTON: One of the important things that I did as a really young lawyer was deal with the impeachment staff of the Home Judiciary Committee in 1974 investigating Richard Nixon. So I understand what can be made offered, what the court has to be asked to allow to be offered. I understand what the Republicans did when they were in charge of the Congress in requiring info from the Justice Department that had never been provided before. Very sensitive details, it was all committed the Republican congress.

So we remain in this little bit of a Twilight Zone, aren’t we? There’s a report that depending upon which figure you believe is somewhere in between 300-400 pages long, and it is not being provided to the Congress, which has an outright right to see it. It is not existing to the general public. So I think that what we saw in Congress with the chief law officer’s presentation in both your home and the Senate is somebody who considers his primary task to be safeguarding Donald Trump– not protecting the rule of law and the democracy that the Justice Department must be protecting.

And I keep in mind when Nixon was actually upset due to the fact that there was an examination going on, and he fired people who would not do his bidding till he finally ended up with somebody who would do his bidding, however it didn’t conserve him due to the fact that the info that had been gathered was offered to the Congress, to the courts, and ultimately to the public.

So I would hope that the law is followed, that the details is supplied, that the American public and journalism has a possibility to go through these 300-400 pages with as couple of redactions or cross-outs as possible, and I believe the Congress has to take a really tough appearance at what their treatments are if they are not provided that information. And they do have solutions to go to court and so forth, but it ought to not be needed. This information needs to be provided.

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