President Trump spoke out Tuesday versus the media attack on the Covington Catholic High School trainees, leaping into a Culture War melee after many establishment conservatives either retreated from the fight or actively supported the incorrect narrative pushed by left-wing media.

Nick Sandmann and the trainees of Covington have become symbols of Fake News and how evil it can be. They have captivated the attention of the world, and I understand they will use it for the excellent– perhaps even to bring people together. It began unpleasant, but can end in a dream!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 22, 2019

Trump will be slammed for wading into the problem and “making it worse,” however this is one of the factors he won the 2016 election. He gets included in culture battles when bloodless GOP procedure is to go back and let the Left have another simple win, or perhapshelpthem to win their favor.

Passive conservatism was so thoroughly terrified far from social issues over the past generation that it ended up being reluctant to engage even when leftists are clearly the aggressors and their attacks are utterly deceitful.

The dispute on the passive Right was never about pressing back or fighting, particularly not by top-tier Republican authorities aiming to maintain their “electability.” The only severe topic of discussion was just how much ground to yield, the number of the Left’s premises to agree with.

The idea was that yielding all cultural fights to the Left would permit Republicans to focus on “fiscal conservatism” and win over moderate citizens who only care about pocketbook issues. Strangely enough, the Left never ever saw it that way, not for an immediate.

As we would learn, delivering cultural fights to the Left without a battle, or activelyassistingthem to score a little Strange New Respect and possibly some roundtable seats, made the “pocketbook issues” mostly irrelevant. The Left frameswhateverin ethical terms now.

” Moderates” are not a homogenous ballot bloc, and few of them were relieved by Republicans placing on their green eyeshades and waving stacks of monetary reports while refusing to engage increasingly in cultural fights. Rather, middle Americans felt bereft of representation.

What passive conservatism ceded to the Left wasrighteousness. Every left-wing concern exists as a righteous crusade which nobody can legitimately resist. The motives of dissenters are ruthlessly challenged and they are damned as apostates by the Church of the State.

The Left gained an almost unchallenged ability to designate cultural villains and target them for destruction, an ability they were boldly exercising versus the Covington kids up until citizen-journalists brought them up short with amateur video.

Meanwhile, the Right was totally removed of righteousness. It can not provide anything as a moral crusade, not even when it speaks up for coming kids or victims of violent crime– not even when it champions those the Left presumably cares about, like the “working class.”

The passive Right lost the capability to task righteousness even when defending core American principles, and certainly the pillars of Western civilization, like the presumption of innocence. The Left freely requires we sacrifice those things fortheircrusades.

Now it’s complimentary speech and even basic political rights on the slicing block. Wearing a MAGA hat and marching for life? You are worthy of whatever happens to you, including life-destroying fake claims and even violent assault. Shut up, stand down, and submit or your life is forfeit.

The Left defines what your signs indicate, examines the true material of your heart, and parses every word you speak. What an insidious attack on free speech– your every word and even facial expressions mangled by hostile translators, your capability to impartsignificancestolen.

And passive conservatism does nothing to assist due to the fact that they’re terrified of engaging in cultural battles they believe themselves fated to lose, due to the fact that refusing to engage for years gave the Left outright cultural dominance.

They do not want to accuse the media of being thoroughly corrupt, due to the fact that they wish to end up being “respectable” parts of it. They do not wish to disturb the fragile surrender negotiations they’ve been performing with the Left. They dislike the “deplorables” nearly as much as the Left does.

The scholastic heavyweights of passive conservatism are starting to think religion is successfully dead as a cultural force, individuals who stick to it frighten those much-sought-after “moderates,” and causes like pro-life are a futile waste of their energy.

Above all, they are animated by the dream of a “socially liberal but fiscally conservative” moderate bulk quietly turning to them and delivering electoral triumph. They inform themselves such a silent bulk hides in every demographic, awaiting the ideal activation signals.

Passive conservatives are easily frightened away from any issue they believe may disrupt the imagine this socially liberal, fiscally conservative sleeping colossus. Wise left-wingers know this and play to that passive conservative fear to manipulate them.

The deadly issue with this technique is that the Left plays by no such passive guidelines. Itactivelyreshapes the electorate with federal government power and cultural influence. It’s not fretted about going crazy the moderates– it subdues and dominates them by redefining what is “regular.”

The Left attacks relentlessly since it pays no price for failed attacks … because it has no active conservative opponent to make it pay. There’s nobody else on the field. Passive conservatives merely quibble about how lots of yards the Left should get on every play.

Trump appealed to that peaceful group of moderates exactly since he saw them under attack and offered to take some hits by standing up for them. Criticize his method all you desire, but which of his GOP opponents even saw the issue? Who else saw moderation itself under attack?

So yes, Trump inevitably wades in for the Covington kids, as many popular Democrats would provide for their cherished constituencies … but as few other Republican leaders of current vintage would provide for theirs. Sure, Trump fumbles some balls, but he’s in the game.

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