Mentioning security concerns during the shutdown, Nancy Pelosi has asked Donald Trump to give his State of the Union address in writing.Trump’s response?Canceling her trip to Brussels Thursday night

right before takeoff.TRUMP REJECTS PELOSI AIRCRAFT FOR FOREIGN TRIP, AFTER REQUIRE STATE OF THE UNIONDELAY In the letter he said, he was” sorry to notify her,” that he’s canceling the trip.No, he wasn’t sorry

. Not at all!He essentially took her lunch loan. And then he consumed her lunch.Still, Trump should accept her deal. And send the State of the Union address in writing: a sheet with simply two words: Bye bye.Then he must hold a giant occasion in

the middle of America.After all, individuals elected Trump, not Washington, D.C. Nancy and the Dems can nestle under their desks and watch all of it on iPads.And Trump can mention his accomplishments, inform some jokes– just so journalism has a factor to burn their hair. He can transmit it on YouTube. The media will cover it in highly combustible fact-checks. It’ll be the very first People’s State of the

Union!If the media doesn’t show it– then we understand it’s personal and political– for this is historical. And hysterical!Cuz what do the Dems do then?Do they not respond when he does it anyhow– at a better place, with better-looking individuals? With music, rewards, stock and face painting? And almost no carbon

footprint! Consider that!Do they hold a reaction? With the very same cardboard cutouts from before?Nancy just used Trump a fantastic chance.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX

NEWS APP It gets him out of a dull speech– and it gets “The Five” out of going to D.C.– a place with costly alcohol, unskilled political leaders and subpar food.Which truly, is the entire point of this monologue.Adapted from Greg Gutfeld’s monologue on January 17, 2019. CLICK ON THIS LINK TO LEARN MORE FROM GREG GUTFELD%%item_read_more_button %%.