WASHINGTON (AP)– President Donald Trump’s legal representative Rudy Giuliani exposed Sunday the possibility that Trump and previous individual attorney Michael Cohen may have talked about Cohen’s congressional testimony.

But, he added, “so what” if he did?

Giuliani appeared on CNN, where he said he did not know if Trump had discussed with Cohen a 2017 congressional interview at which Cohen has admitted lying about a Trump Tower realty job in Moscow. He likewise acknowledged in a separate interview with NBC that conversations about that task extended throughout 2016, consisting of possibly up till October or November of that year.

The question arose due to a Buzzfeed Report from recently that stated Trump had advised Cohen to lie to Congress which Cohen passed on that to special counsel Robert Mueller’s group of investigators. Mueller’s office took the unusual action of providing a statement challenging the story. Buzzfeed stated it stands by its reporting.

Giuliani said on interviews with CNN and NBC News that Trump never ever directed Cohen to lie to legislators. But on CNN he acknowledged the possibility that Trump and Cohen might have gone over Cohen’s testimony, stating that while he had no understanding of such a discussion, he wasn’t ruling it out.

” I do not understand if it occurred or didn’t happen,” Giuliani stated, later including, “And so what if he spoke to him about it?”

Giuliani’s recommendation to NBC that dialogue about the Trump Tower job might have extended into the fall of 2016 extends the timeline well beyond what the president has actually publicly acknowledged. Cohen pleaded guilty to lying to Congress by saying that he had actually abandoned the project in January 2016 even though prosecutors state he in fact continued pursuing it into that June.

Giuliani stated on NBC’s “Meet Journalism” that Trump might recall having conversations with Cohen about the job throughout 2016, though there “weren’t a great deal of them.”

” The president also remembers– yeah, probably up– could be up to as far as October, November,” Giuliani said. “Our responses cover up until the election. So anytime throughout that period they might’ve talked about it. But the president’s recollection of it is that the, the important things had actually petered out a fair bit.”

Giuliani made a comparable remark last month on ABC News when he recommended that the president understood that Cohen was pursuing the task into 2016.

” According to the response that he offered, it would have covered all the method as much as– concealed to November, 2016. Said he had conversations with him however the president didn’t conceal this,” Giuliani said.

Rep. Adam Schiff, a California Democrat and chairman of your house intelligence committee, stated the panel planned to investigate why Cohen made incorrect declarations to Congress and determine just what Cohen and Trump might have discussed about his testimony.

” Congress has a has a fundamental interest in 2 things initially in getting to the bottom of why a witness came prior to us and lied and who else was knowledgeable that this was a lie,” Schiff stated on CBS’ “Face the Country.”

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