Sunday on Fox News Channel’s “MediaBuzz,” pollster Frank Luntz forecasted Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) would be the ultimate 2020 Democratic presidential nominee.

HOWARD KURTZ, FOX NEWS: An unique very first appearance at a poll about socialism versus industrialism. It turns out the ideas pressed by Democrats such as Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may have great deals of assistance in their party, while commercialism isn’t ballot so well.

Frank Luntz found in an online study of 1,000 individuals that 52%of Hillary Clinton voters concur with the statement “I choose living in a socialist country to a capitalist one,” versus just 16%of Donald Trump citizens. Inquired about the AOC proposition to enforce a 70%tax on the top 1%of taxpayers, 79%Clinton citizens agree, and so do 46%of Trump citizens. And veteran Republican pollster Frank Luntz joins us now. Prior to we get to more numbers, is the media type of soft on socialism? I imply favorable press to Democrats like Bernie Sanders and AOC, being difficult on flaws of industrialism, the excesses of big corporations.

FRANK LUNTZ: All you have do reads “The New York Times” organisation section. Normally 7 stories, 6 of the 7 will be hostile to a corporation or hostile to capitalism as we understand it. In reality, it has actually gotten so bad that I started to state to individuals: stop attempting to defend industrialism, it is financial freedom. Capitalism they believe of Wall Street, profits, they think of losing their tasks. Economic flexibility is Main Street, small business, why we are so effective as a nation. It has actually been so demonized, and the abundant and effective have actually been demonized– the assumption now is if you earned money you did so in an incorrect way.

KURTZ: It’s interesting, 45%of Trump citizens say some companies make such big profits it can’t be justified. You are essentially saying in this report, you say, industrialism is dead, a minimum of as term individuals respond to, that is a pretty strong statement.

LUNTZ: I am going to get chewed out by Rush Limbaugh for the wrong factors. It is not that the principles are dead, in truth, the principles of economic freedom are alive and well. But industrialism itself has actually been so demonized by media that … if you wish to oppose socialism you oppose it by talking about flexibility, not capitalism.

KURTZ: It must be more than just media protection when you have, as I mentioned the top, half of Trump citizens, supporting AOC’s 70%marginal tax rate. You wouldn’t understand that from the coverage, you would believe it is simply a left wing position.

LUNTZ: It is since the general public is actually annoyed about being forgotten or left behind. Those 2 emotions are what elected Donald Trump, and are alive and well not just on the right, but also the left. It’s the factor Bernie Sanders did so well in 2016, and why I will be blunt with you, I believe he is the most likely candidate in2020 I will tell you something, Republicans should desire that since Sanders can not attract total traditional American people, and they should be terrified to death if they get Colorado Senator Michael Bennett, who there is no problem about socialism there is no– he is not the severe he is mainstream. The reason Sanders polls so well is because he is so left wing.

KURTZ: I’m getting 2 things from this, because even the media have said some Democratic prospects have moved up until now left– free college for all, Medicare for all, slavery reparations– that they would have a difficult time winning a basic election, but perhaps in tune with what a lot of Democrats think. And secondly you say, well, capitalism, looks not excellent today– due to the fact that of media. I am a huge supporter of media have a lot of impact but do they have that much influence?

LUNTZ: Considerable impact, you are proper the Democrats who have relocated to the left are in tune with Democratic Celebration, simply not in tune with mainstream America on this concern of commercialism. Republicans frankly require to awaken, that what they believed was mainstream 10 years back, now the whole country is moving, simply a bit left.

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