Author, reporter, and filmmaker Mike Cernovich informedBreitbart News Dailyon Tuesdaythat the establishment media just has an interest in the Jeffrey Epstein court fights in order to assault President Donald Trump.

Cernovich consulted withBreitbart News Dailyhost Alexander Marlow in the wake of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest on sex trafficking charges. TheGorilla Frame Of Mindauthor battled to unseal court documents connecting to a civil lawsuit in 2017 ultimately resulted in Epstein’s arrest.

Regardless of the extensive interest in Epstein’s supposed sex trafficking crimes and who might be connected to them, the facility media has spent more time trying to link President Donald Trump to Epstein, without proof, than to the actual sex trafficking case.

Cernovich competed that the media only has interest in the Epstein case as a way to assault Trump through his relationship with Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta. Acosta, as a then-Miami district attorney in 2007, struck a deal with Epstein in which the billionaire would plead guilty to prostitution charges in exchange for dropping all other charges.

” The media just care about Epstein as a way to go after Trump because of the Alexander Acosta angle,” Cernovich said.

Cernovich included that “They are trying to create a conspiracy theory including Donald Trump and Jeff Epstein regardless of no evidence that Trump ever flew to any island or partied with Epstein or did anything.”

He said that the media has “Trump Derangement Syndrome [TDS],” competing that “The only thing they appreciate is Trump” in spite of “confirmed relationships” between Epstein, Prince Andrew of England, and former President Costs Clinton.

Regardless of much of the media’s attack on Trump, Yahoo News reported that an attorney representing a trio of Epstein accusers explained that Trump helped authorities in constructing a civil lawsuit against Epstein.

Trump also banned Epstein from his Florida resort Mar-a-Lago because Epstein allegedly sexually assaulted a minor lady at the club.

Marlow noted that Breitbart News Economics Editor John Carney stated that no one on Wall Street knows how Epstein made his money. TheBreitbart News Dailyhost described Epstein as a “extremely shadowy” figure.

Cernovich recommended that Epstein might have run a blackmail scheme to make his billions of dollars.

” No one understands how he made his cash, which leads individuals to believe that he was running a blackmail scheme whereby he would go with people, get them on video doing things, and then those individuals would either need to give him loan outright or he would privately invest those people’s cash and take the cut,” Cernovich discussed.

Former President Costs Clinton released a declaration on Monday, distancing himself from the billionaire financier regardless of his long ties to Epstein.

Clinton declared that he only took 4 trips on Epstein’s plane, frequently described as the “Lolita Express,” although flight logs from the Federal Air Travel Administration (FAA) discovered that he took a minimum of 26 trips on the Lolita Express.

Cernovich stated, “We understand for a truth that Expense Clinton, this has been proven through FAA logs, that he dropped his secret service, what happened? I don’t understand, but there’s probably video evidence of it.”

The author added that the “Clintons are well-known phonies.”

Cernovich also credited Andrew Breitbart just recently, suggesting that the power of independent resident journalism is “alive and well” on Saturday.

The filmmaker toldBreitbart News Dailythat the tradition of Andrew Breitbart was to motivate Americans to end up being resident reporters and that “you can not passively take in media, you need to be the media, you have to go after down the story, you need to act, and look where we are now.”

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