President Donald Trump used his Rose Gose Garden speech Thursday to push a reformed migration policy that would protect blue-collar Americans, raise performance, boost civic uniformity, and develop a common 2020 platform for the GOP’s rival establishment and populist wings.

Here are highlights of the May 16 address.

The 2020 Platform:

Today, we exist a clear contrast: Democrats are proposing open borders, lower salaries, and, frankly, lawless chaos. We are proposing an immigration strategy that puts the tasks, incomes, and safety of American employees initially. Our proposal is pro-American, pro-immigrant, and pro-worker. It’s just typical sense. It will help all of our people, including countless devoted immigrants, to accomplish the American Dream.

Border Wall Financing:

To ensure that we are continuously making the upgrades we require, our proposition creates a long-term and self-sufficient border security trust fund. This will be financed by the costs and revenues created at the border crossings itself.

Americans Matter:

Asylum abuse also strains our public school systems, our healthcare facilities, and regional shelters, utilizing funds that we should, and that need to, go to elderly veterans, at-risk youth, Americans in poverty, and those in real need of defense. We’re utilizing the funds that need to be going to them. And that shouldn’t occur. And it’s not going to happen in an extremely short amount of time. Need to get this authorized.

Americans Will Pick Who Immigrates:

Every year, we confess 1.1 million immigrants as permanent legal locals. These green card holders get lifetime permission to live and work here and a five-year course to American citizenship. This is the most treasured citizenship throughout the world, by far.

Presently, 66 percent of legal immigrants come here on the basis of random chance. They’re admitted solely due to the fact that they have a relative in the United States. And it doesn’t truly matter who that relative is. Another 21 percent of immigrants are released either by random lottery, or due to the fact that they are lucky adequate to be picked for humanitarian relief.

As an outcome of our broken guidelines, the yearly green card circulation is mainly low-wage and low-skilled. Newbies complete for tasks against the most vulnerable Americans and put pressure on our social security net and generous welfare programs.

Yes, Migration Cuts Americans’ Salaries:

Salaries are rising but our existing migration system works at cross-purposes, placing down pressure on earnings for the working class, which is what we don’t wish to do.

America’s immigration system should bring in people who will broaden chance for aiming, low-income Americans, not to take on those low-income Americans. (Applause.)

Concern will likewise be offered to higher-wage employees, ensuring we never undercut American labor. To safeguard advantages for American citizens, immigrants should be economically self-sufficient.

Trump’s Hire American Policy Helps Sidelined Americans:

3 in four brand-new jobs at the end of last year went to Americans previously out of the labor force. Our economy is better most likely than it ever has actually been in the history of our nation. …

Americans with rap sheets are getting a second opportunity at life in greater numbers than ever in the past. Unfortunately, the present immigration guidelines allow foreign employees to alternative to Americans looking for entry-level jobs. So, foreign employees are can be found in and they’re taking the tasks that would generally go to American employees.

Americans’ Culture and Society Precedes:

to promote integration, assimilation, and national unity, future immigrants will be required to learn English and to pass a civics test prior to admission. (Applause.)

Through these actions, we will deliver an immigration system that appreciates, and even strengthens, our culture, our traditions, and our worths.

4 months back, I had the honor of taking part in a swearing-in event for new Americans, right here in the Oval Workplace. It was a lovely suggestion that American citizenship is the most precious gift our country has to provide. When we swear in new people, we do more than provide a permit; we provide a history, a heritage, a house, and a future of unlimited possibilities and capacity.

Our country utilized to pride ourselves on this capacity: our distinct ability to instill the spirit of America into any human heart, into any human being.

But … Trump Is Not Reducing Yearly Immigration Numbers:

The White House strategy makes no change to the number of permits designated each year.

We will change the existing permit categories with a brand-new visa, the Build America visa– which is what all of us wish to hear. (Applause.)

Like Canada and so numerous other modern-day nations, we create an easy-to-navigate points-based choice system. You will get more points for being a more youthful worker, indicating you will contribute more to our social safeguard. You will get more points for having an important ability, a deal of employment, an advanced education, or a strategy to produce jobs.

We lose individuals that desire to start companies, and, in lots of cases, they’re required to leave our country; return, typically, to the country where they originated from; and they’ll launch business, and a few of those companies are amongst the greatest and most effective companies today worldwide. They might’ve began them right here in the United States, where they wished to do it in the very first location. Now they’ll have a possibility. (Applause.)

We are here on this lovely spring day to reveal our strategy to develop a fair, modern & LEGAL system of immigration for the U.S. If adopted, our plan will change America’s immigration system into the pride of our Country and the envy of the modern-day world.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 16, 2019

Background numbers to know:

Each year, roughly four million young Americans sign up with the workforce after finishing from high school or university.

But the federal government then imports about 1.1 million legal immigrants and revitalizes a resident population of approximately 1.5 million white-collar visa workers– including approximately one million H-1B workers– and roughly 500,000 blue-collar visa workers.

The federal government also prints out more than one million work allows for foreigners, endures about 8 million illegal workers, and does not penalize companies for utilizing the hundreds of thousands of prohibited migrants who sneak across the border or overstay their legal visas each year.

This policy of pumping up the labor supply improves economic development for financiers due to the fact that it guarantees that companies do not have to contend for American employees by offering greater incomes and better working conditions.

This policy of flooding the market with inexpensive foreign white-collar graduates and blue-collar labor shifts likewise massive wealth from young staff members towards older investors even as it also widens wealth spaces, reduces modern financial investment, increases state and local tax burdens, and hurts kids’s schools and college educations. It likewise pushes Americans far from state-of-the-art careers and sidelines countless marginalized Americans, including lots of who are now struggling with fentanyl addictions. The labor policy also moves business financial investment and wealth from the heartland to the coastal cities, takes off rents and housing costs, shrivels property worths in the Midwest and rewards investors for developing low tech, labor-intensive offices.

Nancy Pelosi is promising to raise incomes via gov’ t socialism, but Trump’s “Work with American” immigration/labor-supply policy is nudging wages up by 3-4 percent a year. Yes, political leaders contending over rival wage-raising policies would be a terrific thing.

— Neil Munro (@NeilMunroDC) May 10, 2019

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