President Donald Trump disputed the idea that white nationalism was a growing risk around the globe at the White House on Friday.

Trump was asked by press reporters if he believed that white nationalism was a “rising risk worldwide.”

Trump replied:

I do not truly. I think its a little group of people that have very, very severe problems. I guess if you look at what took place in New Zealand maybe that’s a case, I do not know adequate about it yet, they are just finding out about the individual and individuals involved, but its definitely a dreadful thing, awful thing.

Trump talked about New Zealand massacre after a self-described white nationalist from Australia shot and killed 49 individuals at two mosques.

He stated that he spoke with Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern about the attacks, earlier Friday afternoon.

” These sacred locations of worship were relied on scenes of wicked killing,” Trump said. “It’s a dreadful horrible thing.”

Trump said that he had actually not seen the 87- page manifesto left by the killer.

” I did not see it, but I think it’s a dreadful occasion, it’s a dreadful thing,” he said. “I saw it early in the morning when I looked at what was happening, and we spoke, as you understand, to the prime minister. I think it’s an awful disgraceful thing, terrible act.”

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