President Donald Trump assured Americans on Tuesday he was positive that the United States would win the trade battle with China, pointing out the strength of the American economy.

” We’re having a little squabble with China since we have actually been treated extremely unfairly for many decades … it must have been handled a long time back, and it wasn’t and we’ll manage it now,” Trump stated, referring to past presidents.

The president commented on the continuous battle as he left the White Home for a speech in Louisiana.

Trump said he was positive that China would come back to the table for an offer after he raised tariffs to 25 percent on $200 billion of Chinese items.

” A great deal of strength is being revealed, this has never happened to China prior to, our economy is great; there’s is not so great,” he said.

Trump again claimed a really strong relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping and stated that the discussion with China would continue despite the punishing tariffs on both sides.

He kept in mind that the United States purchased more products from China than China acquired from the United States, providing him an advantage.

” We have all the advantage, it’s a really small element for us,” he said about the tariffs.

He urged suppliers to buy items from other nations or manufacture their products in the United States to avoid tariffs.

” Our people if they want, they can purchase from someplace else other than China or they can, truly the perfect, is make their item in the USA, that’s what I really want,” he stated.

When he was asked by a reporter if he believed he could win the trade war, he responded with confidence, ” You know what? You need to know something? We constantly win.”

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