President Trump is leading top Democrat 2020 prospects in North Carolina, according to a Civitas survey launched Wednesday.

Harper Ballot performed the survey August 1– 4, 2019, and asked 500 most likely voters in North Carolina, “If the 2020 Governmental election were held today, which of the following prospects would you elect?”

Trump edged out all of the top tier Democrat candidates, beating Joe Biden (D) 45–44 percent, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) 46–44 percent, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) 47–41 percent, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) 46–43 percent. Only Harris’s matchup fell outside the / -4.38 percent margin of error:

#POTUS leads against 4 leading Democratic governmental contenders.

Trump/Biden: 45/44

Trump/Sanders: 46/44

Trump/Harris: 47/41

Trump/Warren: 46/43 @HarperPolling #CivitasPoll #NCPOLhttps:// nVJlNPfljf

— Civitas Institute (@NCCivitas) August 14, 2019

” Naturally, the surveys are tightening up in North Carolina as we draw closer to 2020 and Democratic nominees get more press time,” Civitas Institute President Donald Bryson stated.

” As the stating goes, prospects can run 2 ways: unopposed or terrified. I believe this survey states that everybody should be doing the latter. Everyone,” he added.

The survey likewise discovered that Democrats are most likely to vote for Trump than Republicans are to vote for one of the Democrat prospects.

North Carolina– an infamous swing state– has 15 electoral votes up for grabs, which President Trump secured in 2016 after beating Hillary Clinton 49.9 percent to 46.2 percent. The state also selected Republican Mitt Romney in 2012 by 2.2 percent however went blue in 2008, favoring previous President Barack Obama over late Sen. John McCain by less than half of one percent.

The Republican National Committee’s 2020 convention will be held in Charlotte, NC, it was announced last year:


— GOP (@GOP) July 20, 2018

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