In an interview that aired on Sunday’s “MediaBuzz” on the Fox News Channel, law teacher Alan Dershowitz argued the Mueller group got the law wrong on whether President Donald Trump might be charged with blockage of justice.

Dershowitz described a president could not be charged with blockage for carrying out his constitutional tasks and kept in mind that there is a previous precedent for his claim.

“[I] n my intro, I show how Mueller got the law totally incorrect on obstruction of justice,” Dershowitz said. “And I lay out what the law on blockage is. And you can not be charged with blockage if you’re the president and you merely exercise your constitutional authority to fire Comey or anybody else. I lay that out thoroughly.”

” And the best precedent for that is George H.W. Bush, who pardoned Casper Weinberger and 5 other individuals on the eve of the trial,” Dershowitz said. “The unique district attorney stated he obstructed justice, however he could not be charged with it. And they never ever discussed the Bush case in the Mueller report. Mueller was in the Bush administration. Barr remained in the Bush administration. And they deliberately omit as the leading precedent, which would prevent a president from being charged with blockage for just exercising his constitutional authority.”

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