Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” retired Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz argued if the circumstances were that the current controversy involving President Donald Trump was ” President” Costs Clinton instead of Trump, the tack of the media and Democrats would be various concerning the issue of impeachment.

Dershowitz said Democrats and the aligned media would describe the present situation as a “witch hunt” if Clinton were included which Republicans would take the existing position of Democrats and call for Clinton’s impeachment.

” I desire everyone out there to envision the following circumstance,” he said. “Let’s assume that when Bill Clinton was running for president, Paula Jones came near him and stated, ‘Unless you pay me $130,000, I’ll expose our affair.’ And let’s presume that Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton together did exactly what is declared that Donald Trump and [Michael] Cohen did together. I guarantee you The New york city Times, NBC, MSNBC would be railing against any prosecutor who attempted to recommend that this was an offense of the campaign finance law. Everyone would be on the opposite of this concern. There would be Republicans out there saying strip him of the presidency, impeach him, prosecute him. Every Democrat would be saying this is a witch hunt, this is terrible.”

” We require a single requirement. If you wouldn’t pursue Costs Clinton, do not go after Donald Trump,” he added. “If you’re pursuing Donald Trump, then you need to go after Hillary Clinton for everything she allegedly did.”
Dershowitz went on to call for the “shoe-on-the-other-foot test” for this and other similar possible investigations.

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