Wednesday on MSNBC’s “All In,” Sen Mazie Hirono (D-HI) reacted to the news that a federal judge ruled previous Donald Trump campaign supervisor Paul Manafort “deliberately” lied to investigators in special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe.

Host Chris Hayes asked, “Do you have a theory why many individuals have lied in these high-stakes circumstances under oath to private investigators, to Congress and now to the special counsel’s office after having struck a plea contract.”

Hirono said, “It’s quite incredible. They should have something really significant to hide. I think this truly reveals that Trump surrounded himself by all these individuals who lie, who are essentially grifters and takers.”

When asked about a possible governmental pardon for Manafort, Hirono stated, “Unless it might be some sort of obstruction of justice, but as you say his pardon powers are unfettered. What we’re entrusted to is a president who will do anything to protect himself. As I said often times, there are only 2 things that Trump cares about. One is safeguarding himself and money. So what could wind up is– aside from, by the method, all these other examinations that are going on– he could be prior to a jury and a judge for all these other accusations, who understands? However I believe the bottom line might be that he’s going to need to deal with the citizens and possibly if the Mueller examination causes impeachable offensives, then your home will have to decide.”

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